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Mr. Chank Diesel, font provocateur

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I wrote this article on Chank Diesel originally for Icon, which was an alternative newsweekly that covered Iowa City and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Mr. Chank Diesel, font provocateur Icon — March 11, 1999 The man who invented Mister Frisky and Uncle Stinky talks about type design He calls himself the Junk Food Font King. He is a type designer, and his job is to make words look cool. So the next time you slide some Welch’s […]

Even geniuses have bad days


Robert Krulwich, who you may know from the award-winning Radiolab, posted a nice little blog called Charles Darwin And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day over on NPR’s website about a bad day Darwin had on October 1, 1861. It was two years after Darwin had published On the Origin of Species, and that day in October, Darwin was grumpy. Krulwich even shows some samples from a letter Darwin wrote that day. There’s something humanizing about knowing […]

Be Laughter: Guided meditation from an expert practitioner


Laughing Laura AKA Laura Gentry is one of the top leaders of Laughter Yoga in the United States. She has led laughter yoga workshops all over the country and across the globe. Her latest audio CD is called Be Laughter: A Do-It-Yourself Laughter Makeover. The CD is available from In Laura’s previous CDs, she focused on the laughter and musical aspects. On this new CD, she guides the listener through more of the yogic […]

With Obama on the rise, say goodbye to Paris Hilton and her ilk


Last Tuesday, the American people voted Barack Obama into office. Obama was a professor for 11 years at the prestigious University of Chicago in law. That is to say, he’s smart. This is in direct variance with the past eight years where George W Bush defined “cool” as “stupid.” The definitions are now changing. “Smart” is the new “cool.” The era of Barack Obama will bring smart people to the forefront. What does this mean? […]

A Laughter Yoga Workout for Commuters


If you’ve never heard of laughter yoga, you’ve been missing out. Dr. Madan Kataria from India started the laughter yoga movement in 1995. And it has exploded from there. What is laughter yoga? Well, let me just say that it involves A LOT of laughing. It’s immensely pleasurable, and good for your health as well. Laughing Laura Gentry, a personal friend of mine, has released a new CD program intended for people on their daily […]

Footmaster Michel Gondry solves the Rubik’s Cube


Michel Gondry is known for being a master of the foot. He’s also known for shooting various Björk videos and directing movies such as Eternal Spotlight on the Sunshine Mind and more recently The Science of Sleep. He posted a fun little video of himself solving a Rubik’s Cube with his feet. Impossible? Not for a Grand Footmaster like M. Gondry. Watch this bit of twistiness in a state of disbelief on YouTube. When you’re […]

The Travels of Kari Rightfoot: An Alaskan Adventure


Every once in a while, I get an email from an old friend who goes by the name Kari Rightfoot. Kari’s been visiting her mom up in Alaska and has been dividing her time between Anchorage and the Midwest. She writes these road-poem emails that detail her experiences and what she’s seen. I received the latest missive from her yesterday, and this one was especially epic and well wrought. It even included some photos, which […]

Dooce has cancer?


Everyone’s favorite narrative blogger la femme, that is, Heather Armstrong of, has cancer. She broke the news on Thursday. Apparently it’s a skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma that’s very treatable. Our thoughts are with Heather and hope the best for her.

About Last Night


A friend and I met up with Amy and her now husband in DC for dinner at Straits of Malaya. Had a nice time. I was interested to learn that Amy’s friend Melanie who I had met on my trip to DC last year was writing a blog/column for the Washington City Paper. The City Paper is a huge compendium of all the stuff going on in the city that week. It’s like what Time […]