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Class a bigger factor than race in getting to college


Jason Deparle had an article in The New York Times the other day entitled For Poor, Leap to College Often Ends in a Hard Fall. It tells the tale of three young women from Galveston, Texas, who came from poor backgrounds but strove to go to college. The three women, named Angelica, Melissa and Bianca, faced difficulties both in getting to college and deciding what to do once they got there. Like many poor students, they […]

Academic fair use withstands scrutiny


The Chronicle of Higher Education posted an article (subscription req’d.) Thursday detailing the win in court of a large digital library (HathiTrust Digital Library) against copyright claims brought by The Authors Guild among others. The ruling is another win for academic fair use, which has been under attack in the courts. Five academic partners were also named in the suit including the University of Wisconsin and the University of Michigan, which operates HathiTrust. New York Law […]

The death of Computer Science education

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Fascinating article in CrossTalk written by two retired computer science professors from NYU that asks the question Where are the Software Engineers of Tomorrow? Their assertion is that the computer science curriculum is faltering because of changes made by universities in light of declining enrollments. Dewar and Schonberg, the authors of the article, say that computer science is being dumbed down – the more difficult parts have been diminished or eliminated. Mathematics requirements for example […]

Rules for grad school


I was having coffee this morning with a friend who’s in a grad program for epidemiology, and I was reminded of some online grad school advice. I’ve done the first step and got my master’s degree six years ago. But if you’re considering grad school – especially if you’re looking at the PhD track – then you’ll definitely want to head over to for this compendium of posts with salient advice for the aspiring […]

Go to college on Sub Pop’s “Loser Scholarship”


Sub Pop Records would probably like to forget grunge music at this point, but the Seattle-based independent record label is best known for releasing Nirvana’s first album, among other early-‘90s grunge classics. Grunge aside, Sub Pop may be writing a check for $5,750 to the college of your choice. They had an idea for a “Loser Scholarship” – that is, a scholarship for someone interested in music or the creative arts (rather than, say, football). […]

Doing the laundry … via email


The university here made a jump into the online connected world by offering students email alerts when their laundry is done. It’s all courtesy of a system called LaundryView. Students can go online and look for washers and dryers in their dorms that are currently not being used. They still have to load their laundry themselves, poor bastards. But they can walk away, and they’ll get an email update when the load is done. Slick. […]

Skorton leaves Iowa City


Article this morning in the Press-Citizen about David Skorton’s last day on the job as president of the University of Iowa. Skorton was president of the UI for three years but had been an administrator and faculty member here (he’s a cardiologist by trade) for 26 years before that. He’s off to be president of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Oddly enough, Hunter Rawlings who gave this year’s commencement speech at Cornell and had […]

The Morgan Library Reopens


Jeff Zelevansky/Reuters The has a great review of the expansion at the newly reopened Morgan Library and Museum in NYC. Nearly three years in the making, it sounds like they did a splendid job. So this is a shout out to all my librarian pals: this is something we all should aspire to, no? I have visions of the North Exhibition Hall decked out in the splendors of Special Collections.

Noam Chomsky gets interviewed by Ali G


In a slightly bizarre way, Ali G interviews Noam Chomsky. Here’s the interview at YouTube. Noam, being the cool cat, plays along but doesn’t equivocate. The interview is brief and is focused on Professor Chomsky’s work as a linguist rather than on his political analyses. [via 3QD]

Audio of Noam Chomsky Lecture


Mike G of Iowa Liberal alerts us to the existence of an audio recording of Noam Chomsky’s lecture last week at the Englert Theatre here in Iowa City. We’ve added some metadata and made the MP3 iPod friendly. The entire lecture is available here: Noam Chomsky – Live at the Englert Theatre 2006-04-10 The file is 44 MB in size, and the recording is a full hour and 35 minutes. Feel free to mirror this […]