Month: September 2013



It’s been a good week for live music. I’ve gotten to see a few of my favorite bands. The standout has been Savages. “Savages?” you ask. Simply, Savages are four chicks from London who know how to rock. They released their debut album on Spotify in May, and it’s been on heavy rotation ever since at Casa Stout.┬áSilence Yourself is intense, loud, and fantastic. Savages played a show here on Wednesday night. They sounded a […]

Adelle Waldman and the modern man


Men need to stick together. We’re a tribe, a gender-based tribe. Some people not in the tribe (read: females) may think that men have foibles. Hangups. Shortcomings. As a member of the male tribe, I categorically deny the existence of these so-called foibles. But, men, we have a mole in our midst. This mole, apparently, told all our secrets to Adelle Waldman who packed them into her brilliant debut novel The Love Affairs of Nathaniel […]