Month: August 2013

Canadian summer c.1971


My grandfather is standing on the right in this photo taken during one of many Canadian fishing trips my grandparents took. This is from before I was born. Over the past couple of years, I had a big project scanning in all of my grandparents’ slides from the ‘60s and ’70s. I lost track of how many slides there were after about 1,500, but I completed that project earlier this year. My grandparents were young, […]

Chic work duds from Ben Davis


It was the late ‘90s. I was in grad school at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. One day I happened up to the Hall Mall. A few blocks of downtown Iowa City are a pedestrian mall. In the middle of one block, there was (is?) a stairwell that led to a hallway on the second story that had a bunch of tiny shops. It was the alternative. I remember an incense/new age store that […]

Olbrich Gardens pollinating the future


Photo by Daniel Stout I was at Olbrich Botanical Gardens the other day and captured this photo of a bee pollinating some flowers. You’ll note that his legs are heavy with red-colored pollen. He was busy flying from flower to flower. Olbrich is a good place to see the season cycle–from spring to summer to fall–they have it all.

Americans will love their Al Jazeera America


The long-awaited TV news channel Al Jazeera America launches nationwide today. This is a good thing. Remember the Dark Ages? George W. Bush, with the help of the conservative media, had a bull’s-eye on Al Jazeera. The Bush administration said that Al Jazeera was the same as the terrorists. Al Jazeera showed clips from the statements of suicide bombers, and according to Bush’s dim line of reasoning, that made the news channel equivalent to terrorists themselves. This […]