Month: July 2013



Flickr photo by Ronald Groenendijk I was on the highway the other day. The Radiolab podcast I was listening to was stimulating, traffic was light, and I was merrily making the journey back to Madison. Some guy came up from behind and pulled into the left-hand lane to pass. He was going a bit faster than I was when all of a sudden, he stomped on the gas pedal and buzzed by at a high rate […]

Those raw old-timey blues


Flickr photo by Samantha Marble T-Model Ford is dead. Obit at the NYTimes. It’s the end of the line for those raw old-timey blues. Ford married six times, had “at least” 26 children, and came to the blues rather late in life. “I said: ‘What are you spending my money on that for, baby? I can’t play no guitar,’” Mr. Ford told The Chicago Tribune in 2002. “She said, ‘You can learn.’ She was all […]

From Giorgio Moroder to Blade Runner to Daft Punk


Giorgio Moroder is both celebrated and a man behind-the-scenes. His music has earned him three Academy Awards and three Grammys over the years, and yet many are hearing of him for the first time on the song “Giorgio by Moroder” on the new Daft Punk album Random Access Memories. He’s known for working with a variety of artists and in particular, the late Donna Summer. It was from one of the late ‘90s documentaries on electronic […]

Jack White


Jack White’s key insight was to redefine the term rock band. He was featured in the 2008 documentary “It Might Get Loud,” but he seems mismatched there. Jimmy Page and The Edge are guitar virtuosos but neither are band leaders. White’s sound is distinctly bluesy rock, but his approach to the guitar is completely different from the other two. White used the guitar in the White Stripes almost in a percussive manner. You can see […]

DrupalCon Portland 2013


There’s a pattern to conversations that plays out over and over. Someone I’ve just met asks me, “What do you do?” I say, “I work for the UW.” Then they ask, “Are you a professor?” I reply, “My title is Senior Drupal Developer.” I then give a brief explanation of Drupal or mention something about the web. Among non-technical people, Drupal needs a bit of explanation. I’ve been doing Drupal full-time for two and a […]