Month: January 2013

The New York Review of Books celebrates 50 years


When I’m at the coffee shop reading The New York Review of Books, people stare for a moment and then ask me what I’m reading. Large-format periodicals have disappeared, and for people of a certain age, seeing one in 2013 evokes a bit of nostalgia and wonderment. Rolling Stone used to be big. Andy Warhol’s Interview used to be huge. Newspapers too have trimmed their size. Paper and printing is expensive. Buying a subscription to the NYR […]

Get up to speed on Climate Change


Climate change is happening. If you want to get up to speed on things you can do to activate yourself in this battle, check out From what I can see, they’ve got a great grassroots network going. I heard about from Naomi Klein. You can sign their open letter to Barack Obama calling for bold environmental change. The Independent (UK) had a very interesting article the other day following the money trail from fossil […]

Writing about yourself: Memoir in an age of oversharing


Flickr photo by Len Matthews There has been a string of articles recently discussing the issue of writing about yourself. It started with an article in The New York Times by Susan Shapiro entitled “Make Me Worry You’re Not O.K.” She’s a writing instructor and the author of nine first-person books including three memoirs. Here’s the link: Susan Shapiro: Make Me Worry You’re Not O.K. ( She described her “signature” writing assignment of writing about something […]

Happy MLK Day & The Obama Inauguration!


Flickr photo by Chris Tank It’s a historic day. First, it’s MLK Day, a Day of Service. Second, it was Barack Obama’s second inauguration. He was officially sworn in on Sunday in accord with the stipulation in the constitution that the president be sworn in by noon of January 20th. It’s a good day for the country, and a good day for people of all races and creeds. I was at my car dealer on […]