Month: February 2012

Liszt: 200 years on and still commanding the keyboard


Franz Liszt, the pianist and composer, was born just over 200 years ago on October 22, 1811, in a village called Doborján in what was then the Kingdom of Hungary. Frédéric Chopin was a contemporary, a year older than Liszt. It’s hard to imagine two such giants of the keyboard swimming in the same musical circles of the 19th century. Liszt remains known for being such a virtuoso that his star as the best pianist ever […]

Occupy Faith


Michael Greenberg, writing about the future of the Occupy Wall Street movement in The New York Review of Books, says that “for weeks last fall, gatherings on the eastern steps of Zuccotti Park had the aura of a revivalist meeting.” Indeed, various clergy members have found a voice in the Occupy movement. Michael Ellick, the minister at Judson Memorial Church in Greenwich Village, said that when he first visited Zuccotti Park he was reminded of […]

Hit men and network effects: Book publishing is changing


Michael Ellsberg wrote about the launch of his new book in an article for Forbes entitled The Tim Ferriss Effect: Lessons From My Successful Book Launch. Ellsberg discovered that checking his sales rank was addicting. He started to gauge the result a media appearance about his book had on sales. To summarize the article in a sentence: a passionate audience is more important than a wider, less passionate audience. In the case of his […]