Month: July 2011

PDF Culture: The underground literary movement


What began in the early ‘90s as a simple file format to preserve print document design in a digital world has exploded as a catalyst for fringe literary and artistic movements. These groups are loosely joined by networks of people. Files are traded and shared, but ultimately the goal of these groups is massive social change through digital print. In Detroit, artists have setup a small storefront where one can gain access to their library […]

Digital Creativity: The fuzz of analog in a digital world


One of the problems with using a computer as a creative tool is that it’s too easy to be clean. If you’re creating animations in Flash or designs in Illustrator, those tools will want to smooth the edges and simplify the lines automatically. Software is generally geared towards making things clean and easy. The perennial challenge then with creating things in the digital realm is being able to keep some semblance of dirt, fuzziness, analog, […]