Month: May 2011

Password managers: cross-platform and browser integration


Whitson Gordon of Lifehacker has an article today talking about alternatives to the online password manager LastPass. LastPass noticed a traffic anomaly on their network that they couldn’t explain, and they decided to be proactive. Just in case people’s passwords got stolen, some users were required to change their master password. It sounds like LastPass did the right thing. With recent articles detailing security questions about DropBox and cloud computing in general, people are a […]

Balancing usability and security with your passwords


In 2007, Thomas Baekdal, a Dane, wrote a simple article on his website entitled The Usability of Passwords. It inspired a lot of debate. His main thesis was that complex passwords are difficult to remember and may reduce actual security if you have to write it down or have some other means of remembering it. He suggests using three or more unusual words separated by special characters as a more secure password strategy. According to […]

Cutting the cord: Ownership of TV sets falls in U.S.


Brian Stelter writes in the New York Times that, according to Nielsen, ownership of TVs in the U.S. has fallen for the first time in 20 years. It went from a boggling 98.9% of households down to 96.7%. That is, 3.3% of households don’t have a television. According to this U.S. Census PDF, there were an estimated 114,825,000 households in the U.S. in 2010. So, 3.3% of that number is roughly 3,789,225 households without a […]

What technology tools do you use?


For a little over two years, The Setup has been profiling people of various walks who use technology in a significant way. There are four simple questions of which the purpose is to determine who the person is and what technology tools they use whether hardware, software, devices, etc. It’s an interesting look behind the scenes to see what people use to get their work done. People interviewed range from Gina Trapani to Jeffrey Zeldman […]

What AudioQuest doesn’t want you to know about Thunderbolt


Intel in conjunction with Apple have released a new connection standard called Thunderbolt. It’s more than 20x faster than USB 2.0. It’s fast. But there’s one key piece of information that’s of interest to audiophiles in particular. Buried in the list of attributes of Thunderbolt is this little nugget: Low latency with highly accurate time synchronization This means that Thunderbolt will make the best digital audio connection possible. High-end audio reviewers, whether online or in […]