Month: January 2011

dBpoweramp: Accurate CD ripping and audio file converter


I’ve written in the past about Poikosoft’s Easy CD-DA Extractor as a good tool for ripping CDs and converting audio files from, say, FLAC to Apple Lossless (ALAC). It’s still a good tool, but in some respects, it hasn’t kept up with the times. That said, I’ve found a solution that is the power user’s tool for these operations. dBpoweramp will accurately rip CDs, basing those judgments on data from AccurateRip. You can activate different […]

The Best White Noise Generator for Sleeping


A good night’s sleep is important. If you live in the city, you may have unwanted sounds that interrupt your sleep. You can use a white noise generator to mask the sounds, but these come in a wide variety of types from many different manufacturers. If you want the best, you won’t necessarily have to spend a lot, but there is definitely one that stands above the others. The problem with many white noise machines […]

What’s a good alternative to Yahoo’s Delicious bookmarking site?


Ever since a leaked slide indicated that Yahoo might shut down their Delicious (formerly social bookmarking service, there’s been a lot of to and fro about what the other options are. Last spring, I dumped Delicious and found an unsung alternative that’s excellent, has a very international user base, and also has a bunch of features that you won’t find on Delicious. It’s called Diigo. Diigo does the social aspects of bookmarking that a […]