Month: November 2010

Slide Scanning with the Epson Perfection V500 & V600


My grandfather turned 89 years old this month, and back in the ‘60s and '70s, my grandparents took a lot of photos. Only they weren’t photos, they were slides. They have metal cases full of slides, a boxes filled with slide reels. I’ve taken it upon myself to scan in these slides, most of which no one has seen for many years. I’m about 400 slides into the scanning project, and I wanted to write […]

Reducing consumption: 100,000 miles, 10 years, one automobile


October marked a couple of milestones related to my automobile. The first is that the car was officially ten years old. I had purchased it new in October 2000. Coincidentally, also in October, my odometer passed 100,000 miles. It’s hard to time it any better than that. So in a very real way, I drove exactly 10,000 miles a year for 10 years. My goal ultimately is to reduce consumption and driving less has been […]

Managing Privacy: Taming the super cookie


Most people who surf the web regularly have heard of cookies. Cookies, once upon a time, were used mostly just to keep login or shopping cart information. From a computer science perspective, the web is stateless. That is, if you go from one page to another, the web doesn’t remember what came before. So cookies were a way to keep state. Cookies help websites remember you. Over the span of the past decade, cookies have […]