Month: July 2010

HDMI ditched by LG, Sony, Samsung in favor of HDBaseT


Home theater custom installers have complained about HDMI ever since its introduction in 2003. For one thing, the connector was too small for the number of cables running in the cord. The cables tended to break around the connector, or the connector would fall out of the receiver. HDMI cable also could only be run for short distances compared to other cable standards. And in its seven years of existence, the HDMI spec has received […]

How can I protect my content online?


You may be putting your words online, developing a readership, and gaining revenue through advertising. The problem with putting content online is that it’s easy to steal. Even if you put a copyright notice on your page, people can still publish your content on other sites. If you’re using a Content Management System that publishes an RSS or Atom feed of your content, then it’s even easier for other people to republish your work. The […]

A Safe and Easy Way to Encrypt Text Files


Some people go all out with encryption. They may even encrypt entire hard drives. Encryption is not a topic that most of us think about unless we’re visiting our bank’s website. But normal people who are not hardened criminals have need for encryption too. For example, keeping a list of passwords is a common everyday occurrence. Many people don’t attempt to use encryption even when it would be helpful. Usually that’s because encryption and products […]