Month: March 2010

Over the airwaves: Getting back into FM radio


As the past decade progressed, I listened to the radio less and less to the point where over the past several years I pretty much stopped listening altogether. And I missed it. I’m back in an area with some good radio programming, and I decided today to do something about it. I have a Denon A/V receiver with radio capability. One of the reasons I had stopped listening to the radio was that I had […]

If I Lived in Spainland: A mix


If I Lived in Spainland • A mix by Daniel Stout • 17 March 2010 Röyksopp • Vision OneUsually I like a big, obvious track to start the mood of a mix, but this song is so mellow and so very, very good that it demanded pole position on this mix. Röyksopp are a Norwegian duo who work with a variety of vocalists. This comes from their most recent album “Junior,” which is their most […]