Month: November 2009

Kate’s Evil CSS Tips: Easy CSS Site Destroyer


Kate O. writes in with the Evil CSS Tip of the Week. She calls it the “Easy CSS Site Destroyer,” and it will certainly destroy, mangle and cripple any sticky website. The basic premise is this: what would happen if we made every link the user clicks on disappear? This tip works especially well with navigation bars, which are turned into amazing shrinking nav bars. And all of this havoc can be yours with a […]

The relaunch of Manufactured Mobile


After switching to WordPress from Movable Type at the end of August, I made the most of what I knew of WordPress at the time. But I’ve gradually learned more. And now I’m happy to announce that Manufactured Mobile, the mobile version of this blog, has relaunched. It still utilizes an XHTML Mobile Profile 1.2 DOCTYPE. It’s optimized for iPhone / Blackberry / Pre / Android. Any new, high-end smartphone will do a good job […]

╬╝Torrent to implement new uTP protocol, eliminates throttling


╬╝Torrent, the defacto standard BitTorrent client is getting an upgrade. The forthcoming 2.0 version will feature a new implementation of the BitTorrent protocol called uTP as created by several developers including Bram Cohen, the inventor of BitTorrent. The stated objective of uTP is to eliminate ISP throttling. In recent years, some internet service providers have limited BitTorrent traffic on their networks by throttling. The new protocol seeks to eliminate that by letting BitTorrent play well […]