Month: October 2009

Groceries Delivered: Peapod comes to Madison


Some people are busy. Some people like convenience. Whatever the reason, you may be interested to know that grocery delivery service has started in Madison via Peapod. You can go on the website, setup an account, and schedule delivery of the groceries that you order. Delivery costs $6.95 for orders over $100. The minimum order is $50 worth of groceries. Right now they’re running a special where you get $15 of free groceries on your […]

Concert Review: Gossip at the Majestic Theatre


I spent some time down at the Majestic Theatre in downtown Madison over the past week. On Saturday night, I was down for Gossip. When I walked up to the venue, there were several female couples standing around outside. I had gotten there 45 minutes late, and the opening act, Men, had come and gone. So when I walked into the Majestic, the crowd was warmed up and ready for Gossip to perform. That wouldn’t […]

Web Design and Development in Madison, Wisconsin


Looking around in Madison for web design firms, I came across quite a few. A simple Google search or two turned up more than 40 entrants. Are all of these agencies busy? Some of them look very busy, some less so. But it’s exciting that some many people are making a living doing web design and development work here. Just for the record, below is the list I came up with, in alphabetical order. Surely, […]

Managing phone calls: Google Voice


The idea behind Google Voice is pretty simple. Basically, it gives you one centralized phone number. When someone calls you on that phone number, it rings all of your phones. The beauty is the simplicity of the idea, but the genius behind it is in the execution. Google Voice allows you to give out one phone number, but it’s a lot more than that. It also gives you a centralized voicemail box. And you can […]

Madison Police: We shot a guy dead in your driveway


Here’s the story of the dead guy in my driveway: It was 5:15 pm on Wednesday 7 October 2009 in Madison, Wisconsin, and I was just sending out the last email of the day. It had been a pretty good day at work. I’m a web developer in academia. I’ve spent a good chunk of my career to date in academia, and, frankly, I like working in higher ed. I logged out for the day, […]

All hail the Jesus Lizard: The remasters have arrived


The Jesus Lizard are finally getting their due. These noise rock auteurs from Austin/Chicago have gotten the remastering treatment, and this week re-released their first EP – Pure – and their first four albums, in order – Head, Goat, Liar and Down. Remastering is no guarantee of sound quality, but having listened to most of them, I can say that they sound fantastic! The sounds just pops. Legendary producer Steve Albini and Bob Weston produced […]

Cleaning up Windows with the right tools


One thing is clear with the arrival of Windows 7, the maintenance tasks on Windows have not changed much. Even this latest version of Windows uses NTFS as the default filesystem, and it still has a registry for storing system information. Both the registry and the NTFS file system are notorious for getting bogged down over time. Fortunately there are some excellent, free tools that go a long way towards maintaining your installation of Windows, […]