WTF?! Oh, you mean the Wisconsin Tourism Federation


Wisconsin Tourism Federation / Tourism Federation of WisconsinBeaver College had a problem. When people would do internet searches for the college, the results, said former college president Bette Landman, were a mix of “the rodent, the TV show Leave It to Beaver and the vulgar reference to the female anatomy.” Hence, in 2001 Beaver College became Arcadia University, which is located near Philadelphia.

Another organization with an internet name problem is the Wisconsin Tourism Federation, or WTF, for short. Now clearly, if you’re searching for WTF on the internet, you’re going to get a lot of hits that have little to do with tourism in the midwest. And hence, the Wisconsin Tourism Federation has now become the Tourism Federation of Wisconsin (TFW). It’s hard not to see a little humor in the switch. It’s an unfortunate circumstance of the internet and language, and the WTF has been using that acronym reportedly since 1979. But times do change.

And so the Tourism Federation of Wisconsin has a new logo, but you can still find them online at

(Tip of the hat to Jesse Russell @ Dane101)

Update: Apparently this is making the rounds and was featured earlier today on Boing Boing. Some of the commenters there note that the name should have been changed to Federation for Tourism in Wisconsin, or FTW!

Update #2: Just out of curiosity, I went to and found out that it’s the website of the World Taekwondo Federation located in Seoul, Korea. Anyone know if there’s a Korean equivalent of WTF?