Have a Windows 777 party at your house!


Microsoft Windows 777 UltimateIt’s time for a house party. What better timing than to coincide with the release of Windows 7. Microsoft was looking for people to host Win 7 parties in their homes, but the application time has closed. A friend of mine applied but was denied. But he just bought a Mac, so clearly he’s not a loyal Microsoftie.

If you didn’t get your application in on time or you were denied having a Windows 7 party, I’ve got an alternate suggestion: The Windows 777 Party.

We all know who really is responsible for Microsoft’s success: God! So it’s time for us all to get together and pray, drink some virgin bloody marys, and praise Jesus for Steve Ballmer!

If you need party favors, miniature editions of the New Testament are a great idea! All your neighbors will love you for this! You might even say that God is in the network. Windows 777 will put a Christian spin on a popular trend.

And what should you do at a Windows 777 Party? Well, Bible trivia is always fun. Or you could figure out your “Bible age” – that is, how old you would be if you were a figure of the Pentateuch. People lived really long back then. It was CRAZY! Think of how many kids you could have over 900 years like Noah! That’s why Christians are so plentiful.

If your schedule isn’t completely booked on October 22, catch the trend and do what everyone else is doing! Host a Windows 777 Party. Try it! It’s fun!