Gaggia Classic and Coffee Videos


Gaggia ClassicMark Beattie of NYC writes on his blog marybicycles (slogan: “Socialism can only arrive by bicycle.”) about how he scored a used Gaggia Classic semi-automatic espresso machine via Craigslist. Sounds like it was in pretty good shape. I’ve owned a Gaggia Classic since about 2002 and have always loved the espresso and cappuccinos I can coax out of it. Lovely stuff.

I got my Gaggia Classic from Whole Latte Love, who I can wholeheartedly recommend. In 2002, it cost around $400, and the current price is $500. For a while WLL had been selling them for $600, but it’s gone back down. It’s a fine machine.

Mr Beattie links to some nice YouTube videos put out by Seattle Coffee Gear. Their videos consist of a variety of how-to instructional pieces along with some machine reviews and related material. You should scroll through their Brown Bean Blog for a look at the various videos. Or you can hit their YouTube channel. Good stuff.