Month: September 2009

WTF?! Oh, you mean the Wisconsin Tourism Federation


Beaver College had a problem. When people would do internet searches for the college, the results, said former college president Bette Landman, were a mix of “the rodent, the TV show Leave It to Beaver and the vulgar reference to the female anatomy.” Hence, in 2001 Beaver College became Arcadia University, which is located near Philadelphia. Another organization with an internet name problem is the Wisconsin Tourism Federation, or WTF, for short. Now clearly, if […]

In New York City? Go volunteer to help Greenlight Bookstore!


Greenlight Bookstore was just a glimmer in Jessica Stockton Bagnulo and Rebecca Fitting’s imagination a year ago. Fast forward a year, and Greenlight Bookstore of Fort Greene, Brooklyn, is quickly becoming a reality. Over the past nine weeks, volunteers have been helping those two with installation of bookcases, general carpentry, and all the things that need to be done to open a bookstore. Opening a bookstore? Yes, indeed. What a splendid idea! You can follow […]

Comparing WordPress and Movable Type


After having used Movable Type from February 2003 until August 2009, I can easily say that’s it’s a stable, secure platform oriented towards static publishing. I’ve been using WordPress since last month, and it’s an easier tool to use. It also has a rich developer community that leads to a lot of plugins with impressive functionality and frequent updates. Comparing the two, WordPress and Movable Type, it is easy to see that neither is superior. […]

Have a Windows 777 party at your house!


It’s time for a house party. What better timing than to coincide with the release of Windows 7. Microsoft was looking for people to host Win 7 parties in their homes, but the application time has closed. A friend of mine applied but was denied. But he just bought a Mac, so clearly he’s not a loyal Microsoftie. If you didn’t get your application in on time or you were denied having a Windows 7 […]

Denon DL-103R: A lovely phono cartridge


The Grado Prestige Gold1 was ultimately a disappointing cartridge. The sound was heavily colored. Stereophile magazine used the word “thick,” and indeed, the sound coming out the speakers was undistinguished and frustratingly dull. I went back in search of a moderately priced phono cartridge. After doing some more research, I came across a couple of possibilities. The Sumiko Blue Point Special Evo III looked appealing for a low-cost moving coil cartridge. But most of the […]

Dan Lyons nails it: Twitter is a stupid medium


Dan Lyons has a piece in this week’s Newsweek entitled Don’t Tweet On Me: Twitter shows that stupid stuff sells, and it’s really spot on. Last week reports came out about the research conducted by psychologist Tracy Packiam Alloway, PhD. Basically her findings were that Twitter diminished certain aspects of a user’s intelligence, in what she calls “working memory.” So the research supports the conclusions, but Lyons’ point is driven mostly by observation. He’s totally […]

Gaggia Classic and Coffee Videos


Mark Beattie of NYC writes on his blog marybicycles (slogan: “Socialism can only arrive by bicycle.”) about how he scored a used Gaggia Classic semi-automatic espresso machine via Craigslist. Sounds like it was in pretty good shape. I’ve owned a Gaggia Classic since about 2002 and have always loved the espresso and cappuccinos I can coax out of it. Lovely stuff. I got my Gaggia Classic from Whole Latte Love, who I can wholeheartedly recommend. […]

Madison and more on iTunes 9


iTunes 9, which was released by Apple yesterday, has some great new features. The Column Browser has already replaced some of my genre-specific playlists. Having the Column Browser open with both Genre and Artist columns works well. For example, if you just want to listen to hip hop or classical, you can select that genre and instantly have access to everything within. Also, artist playlists are no longer necessary. If you’ve got a U2 playlist, […]

WordPress and Security


There’s been some push-back from the community about security problems in WordPress. There were some exploits written recently that took advantage of holes in older versions of WordPress. Matt Mullenweg has weighed in on how to keep WordPress secure. His basic advice? Upgrade. As a long-time Movable Type user who recently switched to WordPress, I was already aware of the various security challenges that WordPress has faced over the years. But it seemed to me […]

Nick Cave’s new novel: The Death of Bunny Munro


Nick Cave, the leader of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, has a new novel just out this week called The Death of Bunny Munro. This is Cave’s second novel. His first was called And the Ass Saw the Angel, which was published roughly 20 years ago. There are some good blurbs on the back of the book, including ones from rock critic Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone and Irvine Welsh, the Scottish novelist. Nick […]