Month: August 2009

Writing a better Movable Type importer for WordPress


One of the hurdles in the way for someone switching from Movable Type to WordPress is the quality of WordPress’ MT importer. There are several problems with it: Entry tags are not imported Linebreaks are incorrect for non-HTML entries Keywords are imported as a single string Tags have been a feature in Movable Type for a long time, and not being able to import tags is a huge issue for those of us who tag […]

Excellent Music Industry Analysis from Bob Lefsetz


Bob Lefsetz is a music industry insider who has been publishing his thoughts and analysis for a long time. He’s got a large following because his missives are insightful and entertaining to read. People in the industry and musicians in bands frequently comment on the things he has to say. He mostly broadcasts his writing by an email newsletter. You can sign up for The Lefsetz Letter on He does also put out an […]

How to open tarballs on Windows


The problem with opening tarballs on Windows is that Microsoft tends to ignore other operating systems as much as possible. If you’ve ever tried to open a text file that you created in Linux or Mac OS X in Windows Notepad, then you’ve experienced the non-existent support in Windows for anything other than Windows. Tarballs are compressed groups of files. Usually they come from a Unix or Unix-like operating system. A folder or group of […]

The Progressive and In These Times need your help


Two days ago, Matthew Rothschild, editor and publisher of The Progressive, sent an impassioned email to me and other subscribers detailing the financial woes at the 100-year-old magazine. Let me put it to you straight: We must raise $90,000 in the next two weeks to keep going. We’ve got no money in the bank, and we have payroll to meet on August 31, and our printer to pay, and other creditors hounding us. We’ve got […]

Looking for Windows ASP.NET web hosting


The objective: finding inexpensive, reliable Windows-based web hosting that offers access to Windows Server 2008 and ASP.NET 3.5. Web hosts that utilize some variety of Linux or FreeBSD are a dime a dozen. There are a few that rise above the rest, but overall there are many to chose from. Windows web hosting appears to be a different story. There is a sharp delineation between small web hosts and those who target the heavy industrial […]

The Expense of Eating with Celiac Disease


The had an article recently entitled The Expense of Eating with Celiac Disease. I had never heard of Celiac Disease until about ten years ago. I know a couple of people who have that, and it certainly does cause problems for eating – especially eating out. The main indication is to remove gluten from the diet. Gluten is in A LOT of foods because it’s a grain protein that is in wheat, barley, and […]

Speaking of The Dead Weather, I was sucked into a black hole


Been listening to The Dead Weather, and that’s a good thing. Their debut album Horehound has been rocking turntables all across this vast land. From tornado alley along trailer courts in the center, to hurricane alley in the south, to the Nor'easter land in the upper right, on over to the rainy Pacific Northwest. Dead weather is everywhere. The Dead Weather, as you’ve heard, is the singer chick from the Kills, a guitarist from Queens […]