Month: June 2009

Open source and Microsoft’s .NET


Microsoft epitomizes the world of proprietary software. For the most part, they don’t share their source code. Microsoft charges a lot for their development tools mostly because of the assumption that the ones buying their software are businesses with deep pockets. Open source developments comes from a completely different model. Often the development tools and environments are completely free software. Open source is especially prevalent online. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is a very common […]

Choosing a turntable cartridge: Important decisions


The part of a turntable that wears out the fastest is of course the cartridge. The diamond-tipped stylus runs through those waxy grooves, and eventually wear and tear take their toll. Or maybe you’re buying a new turntable and need a cartridge. Either way, choosing a turntable cartridge is an important decision. There are a number of factors to be assessed. There are a very wide array of prices for cartridges. Also, depending on your […]

Twitter research: Less social, more one-way


Interesting research over at Harvard Business School done by a student there shows that Twitter is not the social platform some have imagined. Rather people’s use of it resembles that of a one-to-many broadcasting platform. Men dominate, and both men and women are more likely to follow men than women. The synopsis is over here at What this research really expressed for me is what’s wrong with the current Facebook design. The News Feed […]