Month: May 2009

Choosing a DOCTYPE for your mobile site


Setting up a mobile site for your blog is a fun little evening project. There’s not a lot of good documentation on setting up such a site, and likewise there is quite a variety of ways mobile sites are implemented. One question that will arise when setting your site is what DOCTYPE to use. Some sites use just a standard XHTML DOCTYPE. That works fine for most browsers, but in the case of mobile browsers […]

Two more six-figure turntables


After I wrote about the Clearaudio Statement turntable and the Transrotor Argos, I thought I had exhausted the spectrum in turntables costing six-figures. Color me surprised when I recently found out about two more turntables in that league. Michael Fremer’s turntable of choice is the Continuum Caliburn. His review for Stereophile from January 2006 is here. It cost $90,000 at that time and was the most expensive turntable available. Obviously, it’s been eclipsed by other […]

The Madison Vinyl Vibe


I picked up and left my home of two years to find myself in a state capital, a Big 10 college town (once again): Madison, Wisconsin. Boxes still remain. The moving in process takes a few weeks. I’ve been tooling around town though looking for the vinyl shacks, the dens of deep music. Here’s what I’ve found for your perusing pleasure: On the east side is the legendary Sugar Shack Records. Sugar Shack is all […]