Month: March 2009

Okay, then. A hairy old man I will be.


Everyone tells you about the changes that happen to your body in puberty. I remember sitting there in sixth grade and watching those filmstrips. The best part of puberty, for me, was when my voice would crack. I always thought that was interesting, and I would still crack my voice occasionally if I could. What people don’t tell you though is that a second set of changes comes later. It’s called aging. I guess it’s […]

The new top end of turntables: The $250,000 Transrotor Argos


The Germans are playing a game of one-upmanship. The $150,000 Statement Turntable from Clearaudio may seem like the highest of the high end. But Transrotor, who, like Clearaudio, make some fabulously beautiful turntables, fires back with the $250,000 Argos Turntable. The Argos does feature some very shiny chrome, but is it better than the Statement Turntable? Apparently there’s still a market for the very high-end regardless.

Commercials enhance TV: Implications for Music Lovers


A social science research study entitled Enhancing the Television-Viewing Experience through Commercial Interruptions to be published in the Journal of Consumer Research tackles the question of what effect do television commercials have on the viewing experience. The study authors, one from UC-San Diego and two from NYU, indicate that the participants in their study found viewing commercials during a television program enhanced their enjoyment of the program itself. The full 13-page paper can be downloaded […]

Being a rich guy just got more expensive


In a blow to loaded audiophiles everywhere, the rich tax just got higher. That is, Clearaudio of Germany has raised prices on their ubiquitous Statement Turntable. Once upon a time, you could pick up a Statement Turntable for a cool $100,000. What could be better? Well, now in an attack on rich people, the price has gone up. If you want to order your Clearaudio Statement Turntable, better do it now before the price goes […]

Beautiful custom turntables


Inventive guy Mike Disher has crafted a number of custom turntables out of component parts and made-to-order plinths. The results are pretty stunning. He seems to like the clear, acrylic plinth. It makes for an attractive, modern-looking turntable. When you separate it down into the parts, a turntable is not such a complex thing. There is the motor, the platter, the plinth, and the tonearm and cartridge. Turntables are essentially broken down into those basic […]

Audiowood: Custom wood turntables


After completing a PhD in media studies at the University of Pittsburgh, Joel Scilley returned to San Francisco and returned to his passion for carpentry. He worked at custom carpentry for ten years, and now he’s taken an interest in making turntables, often out of burl wood. This is hi-fi that looks and, presumably, sounds beautiful. His line of turntables can be found on his website, Audiowood. Some of them are quite impressive, and all […]

Linux Journal offers contest for free digital subscriptions


Linux Journal, the original and still the best Linux magazine, is sponsoring a contest this week – March 9 – 13 – for free digital subscriptions. Each day this week, they are releasing a new tech tip video on their site. In each video are a series of letters. Come Friday when the cycle is complete, put the letters together and register for a digital subscription to the magazine. The digital subscription basically is a […]

Five Browser (plus one) Test


The browser market is splintering a bit these days, and that’s a good thing. There is room for various browsers. When IE6 dominated the market, the life of the standards-aware web designer and developer was difficult. The rise of Firefox and Safari have changed how things happen on the web. Companies can no longer just target IE users, and if they do, they risk cutting out a large percentage of their users. In my own […]

30+ Albums (with Annotations)


First, the instructions: “Think of 25 albums that had such a profound effect on you that they changed your life or the way you looked at it. They sucked you in and took you over for days, weeks, months, years. These are the albums that you can use to identify time, places, people, emotions. These are the albums that, no matter what they were thought of musically, shaped your world. When you finish, tag 25 […]