Month: February 2009

Free & Legal: SXSW Music’s 2009 5GB download


Each year in March, the SXSW Music conference unfolds down in Austin, Texas. Lots of up-and-coming bands play at the many venues that line 6th Street. It’s a good time. But if you can’t be there, the next best thing is a free MP3 track from each band playing the conference. Since 2005, SXSW has been releasing tracks by the bands before the start of the conference. This year is no different. In prior years, […]

Movable Type: Maintenance, Dynamic Publishing, Advertising


Movable Type is a great platform for building blogs and websites. I made some changes to and that I wanted to tell you about. The big change is that instead of using static publishing, I’ve switched to dynamic publishing. The dynamic publishing feature of MT uses PHP to craft the pages. The basic difference for me is that I’ll be able to roll-out changes to the templates without having to rebuild the entire […]

Success Makes Everything OK


Our man in Portland, Chris Davis, writes that he has a new t-shirt design on Threadless that needs your vote! His design made it through the initial round, and if he makes it through this next, you could own your very own “Success Makes Everything OK.” t-shirt. It’s quite a handsome design. Click on the graphic to go to the Threadless page for voting. Registration required, but it’s quick & easy. So go check out […]

The History of Python according to Guido van Rossum


Guido van Rossum, the creator of the computer programming language Python, started a blog last month and has been regularly detailing some of the history and design decisions he’s made with the language over the past 20 years. The blog, which is called The History of Python, is quite an engaging read if language theory interests you. Of course, Python is known for having exceptional documentation and that is due in large part because of […]

The Official Hurting Dog Newsletter


Hurting Dog was a band I was in during high school in the late ‘80s. After a bit of dumpster diving in my personal archives, some old materials came to light. Desktop publishing was new and young at the time, and The Official Hurting Dog Newsletter was my first forays into both music journalism and desktop publishing. All told, eight issues of the newsletter were released. I used a piece of software for my Apple […]

Still Excellent: Sound & Motion: Vol. 01


Palm Pictures in 2000 released a DVD of music videos from various electronica artists that still shakes the house. It’s called Sound & Motion: Vol. 01. It’s highly recommended, and this is fair warning that it might disappear from existence soon. It’s no longer listed on Palm’s website, and is reporting they have but four copies left. The DVD came out in 2000 and virtually all of the songs are from 1997. There are […]

D.H.S.’s deep house classic House of God reissued


Twenty years after its original release on two slabs of 12″ vinyl, D.H.S. has come out with a re-release of their classic House of God single. D.H.S.‘s House of God is minimalist electronica at its very best. It samples a preacher making a call for contributions of “$50 or more” to the “House of God.” Classic. The new release includes some of the original mixes, plus three brand-new mixes. This has been released as a […]

Random Shuffle Answers – Predictably Sulking Sara – of Montreal


The memes that people used to do on blogs, people are now doing on Facebook. My blog’s feed comes into Facebook as Notes anyway, so I might as well share this with the world. So here goes. Another one from Facebook, but first the rules: Put your player/music software on shuffle and hit the ‘Next’ button to get your answer to every question. You must indicate the title and artist, no matter how far-fetched it […]

Happy Jazz: How to be a Smile Millionaire


Friend of the blog, Laughing Laura has a new CD out. Her last CD was a laughter yoga workout for commuters that kept me laughing all last fall. This new CD is called Today is a Laughing Day. It contains 15 original songs with Laughing Laura and her chorus of Laughketeers backed by a really fabulous jazz trio featuring Tom Bourcier on piano, Karyn Quinn on bass and Rich MacDonald playing the drums. These are […]

The launch of Manufactured Mobile


Someone came up to me at work the other day and said they had been reading my blog in the bathroom on their phone. That may have been more than I wanted to know, but it did result in some discussion of common interests. More importantly though it got me thinking about mobile sites. And tonight I’m pleased to announce the fruits of that thought: Manufactured Mobile has launched! The mobile site is at […]