Month: December 2008

Beating the old concepts to the curb


It’s time to do away with some of these old concepts that have been around for a while. Hence, Manufactured Environments will no longer be my primary blog. It has archives from Nov 1998 to Dec 2008. Ten good years of material. It’s time to find a new concept. That concept is over at I have already moved the photography site over. Manufactured Fotos is now fotos. This domain will become a storage […]

Manufactured Fotos relaunch


The National Christmas Tree in Washington, DC, in December 2006. The problem with most LCD screens, at least compared to printed photographs, is the low resolution. Most screens are 72 dpi. That’s fine for most things, but it’s not good for showing details in photographs. One way around this is a 200 dpi LCD screen. These exist, but they’re expensive. And normal people don’t own them. So how do you show more detail on everyone’s […]

What gives, Belle? What gives, Sebastian?


Okay, so this band hit it big in the 1990s or maybe they didn’t. Wikipedia says: Lauded by critics, Belle & Sebastian’s “wistful pop” has nevertheless enjoyed only limited commercial success. I guess the test of time is to see now, in 2008, how their songs hold up. I must say, surprisingly well. Their music is a bit fée and swell. But it’s good. I’m a bit late to the Belle & Sebastian thing. Yes, […]

When did I start blogging? Earlier than I thought.


After reading Jason Santa Maria’s entry My First Website in which he talks about the first website he designed, I got curious and started digging around the archives on my hard drive. I did find my first website, which I made in 1998. It’s not that interesting, but if I get bored I may post it just for a kick. That first site was a static site. It’s design and content was pretty much set. […]

Social pressure on Facebook: The new village


At one time, most people lived and died in villages. Many people still live in villages. But in the days when the means of travel were more limited, one’s social network consisted entirely of the people around you each day. People could exert social pressure by any number of mean – a glance, a conversation, a whispered secret. Social pressure lessened in some respects as people moved to cities as the urban realm brought a […]