Month: November 2008

Someone you admire: A mix


{ Someone you admire • 30 November 2008 • DRS } Ida Corr vs. Fedde Le Grand • Let Me Think About It [link] [link] Santogold • Creator [link] The Pharcyde • Ya Mama [link] The National • Baby, We’ll Be Fine [link] of Montreal • An Eluardian Instance [link] Niyaz • Ishq – Love and the Veil [link] Billy Bragg • Sexuality [link] Dave Gahan • Use You [link] Toby Keith • That’s Not […]

The Jesus Lizard rise from the dead


First of all, let me just say that I didn’t know that all four members of the Jesus Lizard were still alive. The news, coming from their label Touch and Go Records, is that the four members are reuniting and are going to play some gigs. To sweeten the deal, in May their first four albums will be reissued in remastered format in both vinyl and CD releases. Legendary producer Steve Albini, who of course […]

Moving from Apple Lossless to FLAC: Avoiding the Apple Lock-in


If you’re an audiophile or you simply don’t want less-than-CD-quality sound, you’ve been encoding your CDs in iTunes with the Apple Lossless Audio Codec. That is the only option in iTunes if you want CD quality sound (apart from completely uncompressed, hard-drive-eating formats like WAV and AIFF). Ideally, iTunes would allow you to plug-in codecs of your choosing. One common format that is an open standard is FLAC. If you’re in the midst of switching […]

A Hard Fall, A Strange Week


An email from a friend details the deaths, cancer, and near-deaths happening in his family this fall. I think it’s been a hard fall for a lot of people. After layoffs at my company in August and September, we’ve got much deeper (10%) ones coming soon that could mean as many as 3,000 people out of work – a Christmas present from the newspaper industry. Our stock, which was trading around 90 four years ago, […]

HD-AAC: A HiRez lossless audio codec from the MP3 people


Fraunhofer IIS, the people who brought us MPEG-1 Layer 3, that is, the MP3, have a new codec out called HD-AAC that is part of MPEG-4. This new HD-AAC has at it’s base the AAC codec from MPEG-4 that is widely used by Apple in iTunes and on the iPod. HD-AAC adds the additional capabilities of being lossless and able to encode high resolution content, up to 192 kHz. This codec has the capability to […]

The Singularity: An explosion of intelligence


You may have been at a cocktail party and some (geeky) guy starts chatting you up about “The Singularity.” In fact his singular attention to the topic of the Singularity may have caught your attention more than the subject itself. But rather than having a one-sided conversation, here are some tips for talking to slightly strange men talking about slightly strange topics. Unless you’re talking to a physics geek, the Singularity your conversation partner is […]

Rant: The Perfect Storm of Perfect Storms


Cory Doctorow has a new piece in Locus magazine focusing on Why I Copyfight. In the midst of his arguments on why copyright doesn’t define the rights of culture is this gem: These two technologies represent a perfect storm for bringing ordinary peoples’ ordinary activity into the realm of copyright: every household has the apparatus to commit mass acts of infringement (the PC) and those infringements take place over a public conduit (the Internet) that […]

With Obama on the rise, say goodbye to Paris Hilton and her ilk


Last Tuesday, the American people voted Barack Obama into office. Obama was a professor for 11 years at the prestigious University of Chicago in law. That is to say, he’s smart. This is in direct variance with the past eight years where George W Bush defined “cool” as “stupid.” The definitions are now changing. “Smart” is the new “cool.” The era of Barack Obama will bring smart people to the forefront. What does this mean? […]

In blogging’s demise, a chance to redefine


There are some renewed observations about the decline in blogging. Other forms of expression have taken over – from Facebook to Flickr to Twitter, people are finding other things to do than to write long entries about things that people may or may not care about. This blog declared the death of blogging in March 2007. It’s not that blogging has disappeared entirely, it’s more that commercial blogs have overtaken the personal ones. A quick […]