Month: October 2008

Selecting a Creative Commons license


When you’ve got content that you’re wanting to put online, deciding how you want to license or copyright your work can be a tricky question. For software and code, there are a variety of licenses, starting with GNU’s GPL 3.0. But if your content is text, images, videos or a combination thereof, the Creative Commons licenses are the most common way to license work. Creative Commons was started as a way to license creative works […]

Cheap Storage for your Vinyl Records


If your record collection is growing, there comes an inevitable moment when you realize that some organization is necessary. Having a good place to store your records is the key to keeping your records in good playing condition. Warped records are the enemy. Probably the best method to store records, if you’re handy, is to make record cases with wood or some other material. It’s the vinyl equivalent of a bookcase. If your collection is […]

Burning up the Wax: The Chicago Trib talks vinyl


Eric Klister, who writes the Valley Jams blog, linked to a few posts over at the Chicago Tribune’s site on Greg Kot’s blog dealing with vinyl. Kot’s Trib blog Turn It Up: A guided tour through the worlds of pop, rock and rap is a music blog obviously, and these days it’s hard not to notice the prevalence of new vinyl. Kot’s post Vinyl revival: How a dead format came back for another spin lays […]

Tonight’s VP Debate Live on Manufactured Environments


Even though I work for a big newspaper company, the latest trend is melding the media divide and doing things with our websites that can’t be done on paper. Toward that end is a service we’re using called Mogulus. It’s aiming at streaming live video feeds. KSDK-TV in St. Louis is carrying the Vice Presidential Debate tonight at 8 p.m. CDT between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. So below is the embedded stream. It won’t […]