Month: August 2008

The Many Ways of Love: A Mix


The Many Ways of Love: A Mix for 24 August 2008 Ólafur Arnalds • 0952 • [link] Phranc • I’m Not Romantic • [link] The Ting Tings • Shut Up and Let Me Go • [link] Saint Etienne • Burnt Out Car • [link] Vampire Weekend • Walcott • [link] Rogue Wave • Christians in Black • [link] Banderas • The Comfort of Faith • [link] MGMT • Weekend Wars • [link] Boogie Down Productions […]

A Laughter Yoga Workout for Commuters


If you’ve never heard of laughter yoga, you’ve been missing out. Dr. Madan Kataria from India started the laughter yoga movement in 1995. And it has exploded from there. What is laughter yoga? Well, let me just say that it involves A LOT of laughing. It’s immensely pleasurable, and good for your health as well. Laughing Laura Gentry, a personal friend of mine, has released a new CD program intended for people on their daily […]

Transitioning to Movable Type 4.2


Movable Type 4.2 was released recently. This blog has been powered by the awesome Movable Type since 2003. [Side note: 2002 was the year of Blogger, and before that I did the site by hand.] Whenever a big new edition of Movable Type is released, I like to update my mostly custom templates with some of the latest technology and features. I spent a few hours this previous weekend doing that, and while I changed […]

Lessig on McCain and Obama on Technology


Lawrence Lessig, a Creative Commons founder and Stanford law professor, analyzes McCain’s disastrous technology policy. Lessig has posted his traditional Keynote/PowerPoint – that is, slides with audio. Very interesting. If you’re looking to hear from the horse’s mouth: John McCain on Technology: Barack Obama on Technology: Okay, you can probably just look at those links without even clicking on them to get a sense of where each candidate is coming from. If you […]

Blog Notes: reCAPTCHA and Chitika


Six Apart released a major new version of Movable Type this week. Movable Type has powered this blog since February of 2003, and it’s still the best blogging tool out there. Most of the changes in this new version were under the hood, so it’ll take some time for all that new technology to filter down into the blog. We’ll definitely be adding some of the social networking features that MT 4.2 offers. It’s been […]

Alternative Tentacles: Tell us about your most prized record


One of my favorite record labels, Alternative Tentacles, announced a contest today. They want people to write about their most prized piece of vinyl in their collection. You needn’t worry if you don’t have a large vinyl collection: Even if you only own three records, we would consider that a collection so enter away! There will be two winners of a handful of colorful vinyl records issued by A.T. The rules say that you’re supposed […]

Unwiring from the plugged-in life


Summers are a great time to relax, enjoy the good weather, and take on projects that we didn’t find time for during the busier parts of the year. One project that I’ve been working on this summer is to gradually unwire myself from my plugged-in life. Now we’re into August, and looking back over the past couple of months, this experiment in unwired living has been a success. Part of unwiring – but not the […]