Month: April 2008

Ubuntu 8 due out tomorrow


Ubuntu, the Linux distribution that everyone loves to love, is due out with their regularly scheduled new version tomorrow (Thursday), Ubuntu 8.04. The version number is derived from the date – 8 for 2008 and 04 for April. I’ve had some concerns about Ubuntu in the past, but they’ve really done a good job with eliminating problems people encounter. The past couple of versions have installed easily for me on both laptops and desktops. This […]

Gracenote to be acquired by Sony


After mentioning Gracenote yesterday as the source of a genre list for music, the news comes today that Sony Corporation of America is going to acquire Gracenote for $260 million. Apparently a database of CDs is a valuable thing. That’s perhaps true when you’re the service provider to Apple, Yahoo and others. The genres list published yesterday is useful as a guide or a starting point, but mostly it’s up to the individual to classify […]

Organizing iTunes: Simplify your genre list


As time goes, iTunes music libraries keep getting larger and larger. As you add songs and videos to the library, it can get unmanageable. One technique for organizing your iTunes library is to simplify and codify the genres that are used on the tracks. iTunes, when you stick a CD into your computer, will look up the metadata about the album or compilation from a commercial database service from Gracenote, which was known as CDDB […]

Record Store Day on Saturday


Tomorrow, Saturday 19 April 2008, has been designated Record Store Day. Independent record stores of all stripes from coast to coast will be celebrating. In many larger cities, musicians will be stopping by local stores. Locally, Atomic Records in Milwaukee will be having live performances from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Check their website for the schedule. The Exclusive Co. in Appleton will be open from 8 a.m. till midnight. Pitchfork has the lowdown on […]