Month: January 2008

No network connection on Ubuntu 7.10


Ubuntu 7.10 presented a challenge when I installed it on my desktop system a few months ago. It worked fine on my laptop, but on my dual-boot desktop, there was no wired network connection. I have it setup with Windows XP and Ubuntu 7.10. I’ve seen people having the same problem installing this latest version of Ubuntu and also with openSUSE 10.3. I have a solution for that problem that worked for me, and hopefully […]



You may be interested to know that I’ve siphoned off my writing about music onto a blog of its own called Analog Culture. I started it up at the beginning of the year and have been posting there including a post tonight about Dean Wareham’s upcoming book about his romance with his bass player Britta Phillips. Analog Culture will continue in the vein of music reportage with an emphasis on vinyl recordings. So hop over […]

Dean Wareham’s Black Postcards


Famous for leading bands such as Galaxie 500 and Luna, Dean Wareham has been around for a while. Galaxie 500 was known for its dreamy, laid back pop. Luna was more prolific, and their Penthouse is still one of my favorite albums. Luna disbanded in recent years after Wareham took up with their new bass player, Britta Phillips. Britta was the Bonnie to Dean’s Clyde and a music match was made. In an excerpt from […]

The death of Computer Science education

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Fascinating article in CrossTalk written by two retired computer science professors from NYU that asks the question Where are the Software Engineers of Tomorrow? Their assertion is that the computer science curriculum is faltering because of changes made by universities in light of declining enrollments. Dewar and Schonberg, the authors of the article, say that computer science is being dumbed down – the more difficult parts have been diminished or eliminated. Mathematics requirements for example […]

Queens do a triple-10 inch release of Era Vulgaris


Queens of the Stone Age did an interesting thing with the vinyl release of their most recent album Era Vulgaris. The album is only 47 minutes so it might have in fact fit onto one piece of vinyl, but instead of going the conventional route they released the album on not one but three 10″ discs of vinyl. The package is a unique shape – wider than a typical 10″ sleeve and much thicker. It’s […]

Musicogenic epilepsy? Avoid Sean Paul


MSNBC has an interesting Associated Press story about a woman named Stacey Gayle in Alberta, Canada, who has a rare condition called musicogenic epilepsy. Gayle suffered from having many seizures throughout the day, and at some point began to suspect that listening to music was causing her seizures. Eighteen months ago, she began to suspect that music by reggae and hip-hop artist Sean Paul was triggering some of her seizures. She recalled being at a […]

Mark Cuban’s idea for music: The Album is dead


Billionaire and sports fanatic Mark Cuban has an idea for the music industry: instead of releasing albums, serialize the release of music so people can buy one song at a time over a period of time. He writes: If an artist commits to release music on a weekly or bi weekly basis, then consumers can make a commitment knowing they are going to get something new and hopefully exciting for their 99c. If the commitment […]

Kicking the tires: ecto 2.3.10 for Windows


I’ve been looking at ways to be more productive with blogging, and one tip I’ve heard various places is to use an offline blog editor. The one I hear mentioned the most is ecto. ecto comes in Mac and Windows versions, but the Mac version is the predominant one. I decided to give ecto 2.3.10 for Windows a go and see what it’s like. You can try ecto for free for two weeks, and then […]

Letting linger


I’ve got an account with that tracks what I’m listening to on the computer. Unfortunately there’s no automatic way to record what I’m listening to on vinyl. At any rate, is the kind of thing that one can just leave running and not worry about it. Occasionally the plug-in to iTunes alerts me that it has a new version. Otherwise it pretty much maintains itself. I like that it records what I […]

An end to comment spam: reCAPTCHA


One of the chores of managing a blog is dealing with comment spam. Comment spam is an endless stream of computer-generated comments that are intending to fill blogs with links to pages filled with spam content. The purpose of leaving comments helps raise the profile of the spammers’ pages in Google. Then when people search for certain keywords, they’ll end up at some spam site. Google works hard to eliminate spam from its index. But […]