Month: November 2007

A little bit o’ downtime


I’m sorry if you saw the above message recently. The excellent webhost that powers this site had a bit of rare, unexpected downtime – on Cyber Monday no less. At any rate, things seems to be up and running again. Email is coming in. Email is going out. And my websites are accessible again. In other news, I got my annual webhosting bill, and so I decided to bring back the advertising on the site. […]

Siouxsie’s first solo album: Mantaray


I’ve been listening to Siouxsie’s debut solo album Mantaray, and it’s good. Siouxsie who? Siouxsie Sioux of Siouxsie & the Banshees fame. Siouxsie & the Banshees were big in ‘80s for their many great albums, such as Tinderbox. I had heard “Into a Swan” off of her solo album – the local record store had given me a promo 45 RPM of the tune. So after all this time, Siouxsie has released a solo album, […]

KMFDM’s original glory: Naïve re-released


The KMFDM album Naïve is by far their best album. It’s also extremely difficult to get an original 1991 vintage CD or LP. The album, published by Wax Trax!, was taken off the market very quickly after it was released because of a licensing issue. The song “Liebesleid” on side 2 contains a sample taken from the opening of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana. The sample was never cleared, and Wax Trax pulled the record. It […]

Coding pure in Eclipse


I’ve used every version of Dreamweaver from 3.0 in 2000 to the current 9.0 (CS3) in 2007. It’s a tool I’ve mostly used because that’s what I was supplied with at various jobs. Even through that many versions, problems have persisted. I still find it quite easy to crash the program. Do something it doesn’t like, and it’ll freeze up or crash or whatever. I’ve always thought the integrated file explorer/FTP Client was always a […]