Month: October 2007

Halloween 2007 mix


According to Movable Type, this blog entry is my 1,000th entry into the system (which also includes the podcasts and photography sections of this site). I like to blog. This much I’ve noticed. Halloween 2007 • A mix by Daniel Stout for Manufactured Environments Do not use power to suppress opinions you think pernicious, for if you do the opinions will suppress you. – Bertrand Russell MC Cula • E Só Sentar of Montreal • […]

45 RPM: The 7-inch Single


I was in the record store the other day buying a record. There were a whole bunch of promotional CDs on the counter with a label by them that said “free CDs.” I didn’t ask about the CDs, but when I went to the sales counter, the guy said that they were cleaning house, and off of a shelf behind him, he selected some 7″ vinyl singles (that is, the 45 RPM) off of various […]

A theory of justice


Too often punishment for crimes is implemented by punitive justice. Some societies try to abide by “an eye for an eye.” Obviously that doesn’t make a lot of sense in the real world. If someone kills an entire family – as happened earlier this year here – then do we take justice by killing the murderer’s family. I don’t think any reasonable person would suggest such a solution. But the problem with punitive justice is […]

A book for the technical typographer


There seems to be a divide between the worlds on traditional and digital typography. If you’re interested in the former, you’ll read Robert Bringhurst’s The Elements of Typographic Style. There are a couple of approaches to computer typography. You can focus at the GUI level – applications like InDesign have a lot of typographic features built-in. With OpenType fonts now fully in the mainstream, there are a lot of built-in facilities for applications to insert […]