Month: September 2007

This is not Dubai mix


After numerous requests for new material, I conceded and put together a new mix CD for the benefit of my friends. I sent out an armful of packages, but if you’d like to receive one of these fine new mixes, contact me through the contact page. This mix is dedicated to a friend, but it’s for all. I hope you enjoy. This is not Dubai: A Mix by Daniel Stout. 25 September 2007. Yerba Buena […]

Music mixes: Taking stock, moving forward


I’m on the cusp of releasing a new mix CD and realized that I don’t have an easy way of finding all the mixes I’ve done the past few years that I listed on Manufactured Environments. So here’s a compendium of music mixes posts from the blog. The new mix is nearly complete – I have one song to swap out and then it should be ready. The mailing list has fallen on disuse, and […]

Monday Night Vinyl Notes: Arcade Fire, Dust Bunnies, 120 Minutes


I was pleased to see that the Arcade Fire did some things very right with the vinyl release of Neon Bible. I talked earlier about how the practice of putting an album on four sides of vinyl is tiresome when it could easily fit on three. The difference is between flipping the record every two to three songs or flipping it every four to five songs. The Arcade Fire launched into bold territory and released […]

Analogy: Linux is to Turntables as Windows is to CD Players


Walt Mossberg’s column in the Wall Street Journal today (available here) was especially interesting today because he tackled a subject he rarely touches on: Linux. Dell has recently started selling some computers with the option of having Ubuntu Linux preloaded instead of Windows Vista. Walt put an Ubuntu laptop through its paces, and his conclusion is that while Linux is easier to use than it used to be, it’s still not ready for general users. […]

Get me some of those 10-minute songs. Pronto!


There’s a special class of music reserved for the truly adventurous. It’s the 10-minute song. Most bands never attempt long songs, and of those that do, only a select few can really pull it off. But for those that do, the 10-minute song is a delight to listen to and enjoy. In my head, I had a list of great 10-minute songs, and so I wanted to share with you some fantastic selections from my […]

Analogy: Ubuntu is to WordPress as openSUSE is to Movable Type


I was having a conversation the other day about Linux and blogging software when I was struck by certain parallels in some of the software I use. It helps explain why I chose the Linux distribution I did and the blogging software I use on this blog. The analogy is: Ubuntu is to WordPress as openSUSE is to Movable Type. Currently, the Ubuntu Linux distribution and the WordPress blogging software are more popular than openSUSE […]

Manufactured Environments goes ad-free


If you’ve visited Manufactured Environments in the past 24 hours, you might have noticed a change that we’ve made across the entire site: we’re now completely ad-free. There is no advertising on the site, and that policy will stay in place for the foreseeable future. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and I hope you like the less distracting design. I’m focused on providing the best blog experience for you, and hopefully […]

Bootleg your records


Die Zeit newspaper in Germany has an interesting photo gallery on their site about how to create a bootleg copy of a vinyl record. No, not by recording the LP to cassette or to a computer, but by actually making a mold of the record, which results in your own plastic copy groove for groove. The photo gallery is here. With each photo are annotations that describe what materials are needed, cost, and instructions for […]

Interpol is enlightened: Vinyl and more


Some bands don’t care much about the production and distribution of their albums. They want to make money, and that’s about it. Interpol is not one of those bands. I keep getting more and more impressed with Interpol every time they release an album. Their third album Our Love To Admire was recently released, and there is much to be happy with it – not just as an album but also as an artifact. Interpol […]

Turntable setup: A video introduction


I was going to tell you about all the great websites that detail how to setup a turntable, but I couldn’t find any. I looked and looked, and Google issued up a lot of text-heavy, poorly organized sites that did little to really explain the basics of setting up turntables. I did find a lot of references though to a DVD released last year called 21st Century Vinyl: Michael Fremer’s Practical Guide to Turntable Set-Up […]