Month: July 2007

Wisconsin ‘writer’ wins 2007 Bulwer-Lytton


I love the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. It’s an annual contest put on by San Jose State to imagine the most horrifically written first line of a novel. It’s named after the guy who wrote: “It was a dark and stormy night.” Anyway, the 2007 winner of the contest is Jim Gleeson from Madison, Wis. Congrats, Mr. Gleeson, and here is his winning entry: Gerald began – but was interrupted by a piercing whistle which cost […]

Online places to feed the vinyl fetish


I would be remiss if I didn’t offer up a few links after the last post of some places to dig out the vinyl. I will offer a few choice ones, but I know there are many more out there. Also, if you’re looking for used vinyl, places like eBay and such can be treasure troves of good tunes. The first link is the Needle Doctor of Minneapolis. They may very well have the largest […]

Spinning the tunes vinyl-style


After a big move, it takes a while to get everything out and unpacked. I had unpacked my turntable right away as setting up my stereo is a priority. But I didn’t hook up the turntable, and listened instead to streaming music and CDs. A few weeks ago though I got around to hooking up the turntable. My turntable in Iowa City had kind of fallen on hard times. I had eventually unhooked it, and […]

Do It Yourself guide to Digital Music


Michael W. Dean and Chris Caulder have released electronically their book Digital Music – DIY Now! They were under contract to Que to produce the book, but apparently the project got canned. The fruits of their labor are not lost and are available as a PDF file. There’s some interesting information contained within and is definitely worth a skim. The book is pretty much geared to the digital music newbie and as such provides an […]

Continuing the beta test of Movable Type 4.0


Six Apart has been dutifully releasing a new beta each week of Movable Type 4.0. This weeks venture is beta 7. Since the release of beta 1 in early June, I’ve been dutifully installing each new beta, reporting errors, and generally kicking the tires, so to speak. When beta 2 came out, I figured that there would probably be around eight beta releases. With the release of beta 7, I don’t think I’ll be far […]

I ♥ Houellebecq


Tonight I started reading Michel Houellebecq’s third novel Platform, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Houellebecq is by far my favorite writer of the past few years. His perceptions on society, discourse, alienation and sex are compelling, dense and deeply wrought. I discovered him quite by accident. I was at the Barnes & Noble in Iowa City a few years ago. I think it must have been summer because I was looking for Nick Hornby. As […]

Fugazi: Keep your eyes open

books / music

Legendary rock photographer Glen E. Friedman has a new book coming out of his photographs of Fugazi. It looks to be a great look at the seminal hardcore band. You can preorder it from the book’s website, and get it before it’s officially release on September 3. The book runs only $30 and looks to be lush with never-before-seen photography of the band up close and personal. Very cool. doesn’t have a listing for […]

Interview with Front 242 at First Avenue

clips / music

Industrial music band Front 242 excites the crowd at Minneapolis’ club First Avenue. Interview with Front 242 at First Avenue Originally published in Luther College Chips on September 26, 1991. Atmosphere. Billowing clouds of fog rolled off the stage. Suddenly, human silhouettes lit from behind. A riveting bass line thundered from the speakers. Apocalyptic drums burst. The crowd responded in a frenzy of activity. Front 242 had begun its assault. The intense visuals matched the […]

Tweaks aplenty


I’ve been making tweaks aplenty around the blog. I feel a cool breeze blowing through the blog – it’s a refreshing wind. So after the intensity of 30 Poems in 30 Days, I’m kicking back and seeing what direction the blog wants to go right now. Most of the tweaks have been fairly subtle, but one change that I’m especially glad about is to have the blogroll back on the front page. After the last […]