Month: May 2007

30 Poems in 30 Days: My Glorious Song (0/30)


I started a day early to get the creative juices flowing. Here is poem no. 0 of 30. My Glorious Song I’ve spent days walking on beaches that never ended. I’ve looked into a woman’s eyes and said, “No.” I dig deep wells and fall into them. Where is the hope? I still believe, and for that I bless the stars. Because even tho I lie beneath a thousand stony fields I am that giant […]

iTunes Plus: A work in progress?


I downloaded the new Apple iTunes version 7.2 tonight. I wanted to check out iTunes Plus, which is the new area of the iTunes Music Store that has unprotected songs at a higher bitrate available to download. This morning, I had even read something about being able to upgrade the songs in your collection that are available in iTunes Plus. Currently only EMI is offering unprotected downloads. So I went to the music store, and […]

A month of poetry


The month of poetry is just two days away. I’m excited for it to start. I’ve written a few poems lately, but it has been a while since I really start down and produced some work. It has been even longer since I’ve kept a poetry notebook. I like to use those stenographer notebooks. They’re just the right size for writing down verse. So the goal of the 30 Poems in 30 Days is to […]

30 poems in 30 days


I am going to undertake an adventure, and I invite you to partake. Starting on this Friday 1 June 2007, it will be a month of poetry. The idea is this: to write 30 poems in 30 days. Writing poetry is a good activity, and hopefully this will stir your creative juices as much as I hope to stir up mine. You get to decide what kind of poems you want to write. There are […]

Authors and their fonts


Slate has a fun little piece entitled My Favorite Font: Anne Fadiman, Jonathan Lethem, Richard Posner, and others reveal what font they compose in and why. They ask a bunch of authors what their favorite font for composing is and why. Not surprisingly Courier is a popular choice, but by no means is that universal. Apparently some of these choices go deep into the Freudian psyche and our need for parental approval: Elisa Zuritsky, writer […]

Damn, you people are nice


I was reminded today in the parking lot at work of how nice people are in Wisconsin. I snapped this pic of a car with my cell phone with the license plate “NICE2CU.” It pretty much sums up how people are around here.

Devil at the entrance to Hell’s Kitchen street fair


A friend reports from Manhattan that life is well. Fortunately, she brought along her digital camera to record such treats as this devil at the street fair last weekend in Hell’s Kitchen. We know she will enjoy NYC for us while we watch from afar. We’re groovin’ tonight to the sounds of Meat Beat Manifesto. eMusic recently added a few more MBM albums, and we’re glad for that. In other news, ABC News is reporting […]

RSS 2.0 Specification


The RSS Advisory Board are the folks issuing forth the official spec of RSS 2.0. I had long been holding Dave Winer’s Harvard Law site as the last word on RSS. But indeed, if you’re looking to get at the latest version of the spec it’s over here: I was messing with our syndication format, and you’ll note a slight change. I added a tag to each . This will provide a easy link […]

With SCO out of the picture, Microsoft attacks open source itself


Well, if you haven’t heard the news, Microsoft wants to sue Linux and open source software out of existence. In the past, MSFT’s strategies haven’t worked too well. The SCO thing was pretty much a joke from the beginning once SCO couldn’t produce any infringing code. But Microsoft has spent the past few years applying for and gaining thousands of software patents. Now with a treasure chest of supposed intellectual property, they’re taking on Linux […]

Getting down with the OC: Life with XHTML 1.0 Strict


I’ve realized that I’m hopeless when it comes to code. When I’m writing PHP or C or even XHTML, I’ve got an obsessive-compulsive thing going. I like clean code. It makes me happy. To that end, you’ll notice that the Validation links are high on the page on this blog – oh, and they’re on every page. I want my XHTML to validate. It’s a simple thing really. I want the best for my websites, […]