Month: February 2007

now it’s time for Basement Jaxx


I recently linked to the awesome Palms Out Sounds for their extravaganza of Daft Punk samples. Two weeks later and they have another winner on Sample Wednesday. This week’s take is Sample Wednesday #29: Basement Jaxx. They’ve posted 13 tracks in MP3 format that Basement Jaxx take samples from in various songs. The songs are labeled with the Basement Jaxx usage. It’s a pretty interesting look at where electronic artists are getting their source material. […]

Getting jolly with eMusic


If I haven’t already got this across, eMusic is quite awesome. So go check them out, now! I’ve been up to my ears in great new music from them. They have, exclusively, the new Bloc Party album called A Weekend in the City, and I must say I like it MUCH better than their debut. It’s a very cool album. Also of note on eMusic is the latest from Of Montreal, which is called Hissing […]

Media Temple to release another update to Grid Server


We here at Manufactured Environments have been with (mt) Media Temple for over a year with our web hosting needs. Last fall, (mt) implemented a new grid-based hosting setup called (gs) Grid-Server. They developed the system in-house. Overall, we’ve been very pleased with the service, although there have been a few glitches. Media Temple has been very proactive in getting these eliminated and at the same time have been improving the performance of the grid. […]

A new look


I’m always testing out new ideas for designs. This time though is the most significant redesign in a number of years. This redesign required some reworking of the underlying HTML templates that drive this site. Mostly just a reorganization of the metadata into a separate from the blog content. I styled up the div’s and floated the metadata left and floated the content right. Add in a few touches of design and that was it. […]

SXSW does the mega-music download again


I went to the SXSW conference a few years ago in Austin, Texas, and had a great time. South By Southwest is actually three conferences – there’s film, there’s interactive (tech), and there’s the granddaddy music conference. It all happens each year in Austin during the month of March. For the past three years, SXSW has been offering a download collection of songs by the bands who will be appearing at the conference that year. […]

Curiosity cabinet


Here’s a site for your curiosity cabinet. It’s called NFCTD. The concept is simple, but the execution is especially nice. There’s audio on the site, if you like. It’s interactive and the imagery comes mostly from Dover Publishing, which seems to have a lock on that public domain Victorian drawings. At the end of the site are credits for the audiologist, Dallas Johnson, and the animator/programmer, Caleb Johnston. Subdued in a disturbing kind of way.

A daft punk freakout


This one is for the Daft Punk fans out there. Well, okay, this is a bunch of free music so it’s for all the music fans out there, but it has special connotations for the Daft Punkers. Daft Punk, as you know, are a French electro outfit. You may enjoy their music. Palms Out Sounds has a great Sample Wednesday. They went in and sourced out a whole bunch of places that samples/sounds from Daft […]

Thoughts on Music


A lot has been written about Steve Jobs’ shot across the bow of the music industry. If you haven’t read them, Mr. Jobs’ Thoughts on Music are on the Apple website. He envisions a world where DRM is no more. Apple’s iTunes has had some of the most lenient restrictions among online music stores, but even that is too restrictive. DRM is the way that digital media is locked down. It can mean that you […]

The Machine is Us/ing Us


Seth Godin links to an interesting, entertaining video on texts and connectivity in a Web 2.0 environment put together by Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology Michael Wesch of KSU. View here. The piece starts in the world of the written word, moves into digital text, and eventually represents the connections possible using relatively recent phenomena such as XML for moving texts (and other media) around. Perhaps a good example of this is the new Yahoo! […]

Doing the laundry … via email


The university here made a jump into the online connected world by offering students email alerts when their laundry is done. It’s all courtesy of a system called LaundryView. Students can go online and look for washers and dryers in their dorms that are currently not being used. They still have to load their laundry themselves, poor bastards. But they can walk away, and they’ll get an email update when the load is done. Slick. […]