Month: January 2007

Keeping it all together with


The site is a great approach to social music listening. You can create an account on Last, and thereafter your music listens are kept for later dissemination. There are groups devoted to various artists, labels and genres. also suggests people whose musical tastes are close to yours. Best of all – works with all of your music players, regardless of platform. For example, on Linux you can use Amarok to play your […]

Grado SR125 headphones


For close listening, I always put on a pair of headphones. There are some advantages to headphones over traditional speakers. For one, there’s a distinctness between the stereo left and right channels. That is, the sound is more obviously stereo. One hears pans of sounds from the left to the right that might otherwise be lost. Also, it is easier to pick out distinct instruments or sounds. Even if I’ve listened to an album many […]

50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2006


The BEAST has their annual roundup of the 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2006. It’s an entertaining read, ranging from Ryan Seacrest to Joe Lieberman to Tony Snow. Each profile includes a brief, incisive commentary on the individual’s crimes against the American people, continuing with an Exhibit A of their bad behavior, and ending with their sentence. My prediction is that Oprah Winfrey will make the list next year. As an added bonus, the […]

Gracenote getting better with classical


When we open a CD in iTunes, iTunes will automatically check an online database for the song and artist information. This database of metadata makes our lives easier by removing the need for a lot of data entry when we’re ripping CDs. Apple’s iTunes uses a service called Gracenote. Gracenote got their metadata database start by buying out CDDB, which used to be a freely available place to get CD track information. Developers were free […]

Flash Player 9.0 available for Linux (plus an MT update)


Second things first tonight as Six Apart announced a slight update of Movable Type. The new version – 3.34 – has some security fixes plus native support for FastCGI. I upgraded ManuEnvi to 3.34 tonight and did the configuration for FastCGI. The application does seem to be running quite a bit faster, but the true test will be if leaving comments is speeded up. The other thing I wanted to share tonight is that the […]

Al Green unifies at the One Iowa Gala


1 legendary r&b singer + 2 guitarists + 1 bassist + 3 horn players + 2 backup singers + 1 percussionist + 1 drummer + 1 old school organ player + 1 keyboardist + 2 dancers = Al Green’s first time in Iowa! The party was part of the inaugural festivities for new Democratic Iowa Governor Chet Culver. Other groups performing included local blues virtuoso Joe Price and Pieta Brown. Chet gets sworn in today. […]

The latest Best of Bootie extravaganza!


We wrote last year about Best of Bootie 2005, which remains one of our favorite compilation CDs of mashups. It’s fine stuff and comes highly recommended from this reviewer. And guess what? The 2006 edition is now available. You can check it out here. They don’t have a Torrent link, but you can download a 108 MB zipped file containing the 21 tracks from the continuous mix CD. “Perfect for parties!” and we agree. The […]