Month: December 2006

Open Source Christmas


We saw the Christmas Pageant of Peace at the National Christmas Tree in Washington DC. DC is festive this time of year. We did our Christmas shopping there and had a good time of it. We hope your Holidays have likewise been pleasant. Santa put some choice musical selections into the Christmas stocking, such as The Crane Wife, Low-life, and even somewhat mysteriously Awake. Josh Groban’s Awake was unexpected, but I relished the track “Machine,” […]

Footmaster Michel Gondry solves the Rubik’s Cube


Michel Gondry is known for being a master of the foot. He’s also known for shooting various Björk videos and directing movies such as Eternal Spotlight on the Sunshine Mind and more recently The Science of Sleep. He posted a fun little video of himself solving a Rubik’s Cube with his feet. Impossible? Not for a Grand Footmaster like M. Gondry. Watch this bit of twistiness in a state of disbelief on YouTube. When you’re […]

The easy way to get openSUSE 10.2


Just as an example of how cool Linux is to use, it’s very easy to do huge downloads. If you’re wanting to get the DVD image for openSUSE 10.2, a simple command will do the trick. In Windows, if you’re trying to download a greater than 2 GB file, then you’ll have to download some nasty download manager that may or may not have spyware attached. But with Linux it’s easy. So to download the […]

openSUSE 10.2 released


Well, the new version of openSUSE has been released. It’s version 10.2, and initial word is that it’s great. You can download the entire operating system and applications as a single DVD image or 5 + 1 CDs here. Traffic will be heavy today, so if things are a bit slow, give it a day or two and try again. Or just use the BitTorrent download, and life will be cool. From the announcement email: […]

openSUSE Linux 10.2 is ready


Andreas Jaeger sent an email to the openSUSE mailing list last night to announce that the new version of openSUSE Linux, that is, version 10.2 has gone gold and is ready for release. Our build folks have created the first set of ISO images and will continue to create all of them – and the complete ftp distribution – early next week. We’ll start syncing soon the images to the ftp mirrors so that they […]