Month: November 2006

The blog revolution is officially over!


You heard it here first, folks. The blog revolution is officially over! The insane growth of the blogging space is finally done, and Jacky-come-lately’s are leaving blogging in droves. There’s been a clear descent of blogging over the past six months. Blogging really started to pick up around 2004. A lot of people got into the game at that point. And 2005 was even higher. People who don’t even like words or writing started blogging. […]

The Bic Biro comes of age


The first modern ball-point pen, the Bic Biro, went on sale this week 60 years ago in the UK. BBC story here: In 1938, Hungarian newspaper journalist Laszlo Biro noticed the ink used on the printing presses dried quickly and so tried using it in a fountain pen to avoid the problem of leaks, blots and smudges. But the ink was too thick to flow into the nib. So Biro, with the help of his […]

Bliss and a thousand blinding suns


Okay, you’ve been reading this blog. God is peering down, watching you reading this blog. God is peering down, watching me writing this blog. And I have to say that amazing things happen late at night when your guard is down, and the music just floods over you. Floods over me. The music is flooding, and there’s not a chance that we’re going to swamp this place out. Okay, what I was trying to say […]

Media Temple’s (gs) Grid-Server implementation


We’re hosted with (mt) Media Temple, and have had various web sites on their servers for the past year (or nearly so). We’ve been really pleased with (mt)‘s service and rock solid stability. We had a (ss) Shared-Server account them, which provided very high reliability and speed. Recently we found out that Media Temple has a new, next generation service meant to replace the Shared-Server system. It’s called (gs) Grid-Server, and it’s based on some […]

Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album

books / music

Factory Records was the pinnacle of British music in the ‘80s. Hailing from Manchester, the record label published the works of such seminal bands as Joy Division, New Order, Durutti Column, The Happy Mondays, Red Byrd, and many more. The Factory story was told in a movie from 2002 called 24 Hour Party People. Great movie, and a great soundtrack of course too. One aspect of the Factory legacy begging to be anthologized is the […]

The expensive allure of eyeglasses


This post by Ira Mitchell of Eagan, Minn., entitled Eyeglasses Stores are for Suckers is generating a storm of controversy. The author talks about how his $300 pair of glasses never fit and broke. His solution? He went online and found glasses for much, much cheaper. As someone who has worn glasses since the third grade, I’ve purchased many a pair of glasses over the years. And they definitely have gotten pretty expensive in recent […]

Slashdot hits Tilt! Game over.


Slashdot found the end of the internet. At some point last night, some joker posted the 16,777,216th comment on Slashdot and things ground to a halt. You’ll note that 16,777,216 is 2 to the 24th power, which significantly happens to be the size of an unsigned medium integer in MySQL. Five years ago, CmdrTaco and his crew of Slashdotians set the keys on their comments database to 32 bit, allowing for 4.1 billion entries. They […]

Tom Vilsack for President 2008


Iowa’s Democratic governor Tom Vilsack announced his bid for the U.S. presidency yesterday. He’s the first Democrat to throw his hat into the ring. Vilsack did not run for re-election this time out, and the speculation was that he was going for national office. Luckily, we got another Democrat for governor, Chet Culver, who starts in January. Vilsack already has his campaign website up and running. He’s got a video blog, an RSS feed, and […]

“Human error” caused the absentee ballot mix-up


On election night, I was following the results. The U.S. House race in my district was especially close. 30-year Republican incumbent Jim Leach was tied at 50% to newcomer Democrat Dave Loebsack’s 50%. Loebsack was ahead by only a few hundred votes. 99% of the votes had been counted. Where was that last bit to come from? Absentee ballots here in Johnson County. The auditor’s office was having a problem with counting the absentee ballots, […]