Month: October 2006

The fair shake: Ubuntu vs. SUSE Linux


I hadn’t really given Ubuntu a fair shake the last time I looked at it. I decided to go another round with Ubuntu to see what it was all about. Ubuntu, as you may know, is a flavor of Linux, a free operating system with lots of open source applications. I specifically wanted to compare Ubuntu to SUSE Linux. The initial act of downloading Ubuntu is easier than SUSE. You simply download a single CD […]

Through the airlock: O, yes, thee we love


I feel as though I’ve just come through the airlock, and I’m looking at the control deck of this technological cruiser, wondering what strange vessel I have entered. Ah, I see something familiar. Stamped into the surface of the deck are the words, “Movable Type.” And then below that, it says, “Publishing Platform.” Okay, it all comes flooding back in. I know where I am. You may have noticed a lull in the usual posting […]

A Nietzschean Family Circus


What do you get when you pair one-pane comics from the Family Circus with random quotes from Friedrich Nietzsche? Why, the Nietzsche Family Circus, of course! Enjoy classic Nietzschean one-liners with the visual hilarity of the Family Circus. A strange combination perhaps, but one that works exceedingly well. Reload the page to get new comic / quote combinations.

Newspaper websites on the rise


Just when you thought you’d heard the last of newspapers and their ilk, here come the latest Nielsen/NetRatings numbers. The number of people visiting newspaper websites in the first half of 2006 went up 31% over the previous period. has the Reuters story here. From the article: The study, released by the Newspaper Association of America, underscores the Internet’s importance to papers beset by falling circulation and advertising revenue in their print editions. The […]

Don’t trouble trouble until trouble troubles you


Dan links to one of the strangest, grammatically-correct sentences I’ve seen: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. I’m sure the meaning is perfectly clear. Well, there are three different uses of the word buffalo in that sentence, namely: c) The city of Buffalo, New York. a) The animal “buffalo”, in the plural (equivalent to “buffaloes”), in order to avoid articles. v) The verb “buffalo”, meaning to confuse, deceive, or intimidate. So to parse […]