Month: September 2006

Cassette Couture


We like this site that allows you to customize your very own cassette tape. It’s all-digital with three cassette styles to choose from and the labeling is up to you. While we haven’t listened to an analog cassette tape in years and years, we still vaguely remember them. I was always one for the vinyl LP & 12″ – in fact, there still is a turntable in my living room and a variety of vinyl […]

Get the desktop of the future now with Xgl and Compiz


Ever since I installed SUSE Linux 10.1, I’ve heard rumblings from here and there about something cool called Xgl. I wondered what all the buzz was about. It had something to do with translucency, effects, spinning cubes. Well, I installed Xgl today, and WOW! I mean WOW! It’s great. The static computer desktop is a thing of the past. Think Apple-style visual effects with a ton of pizazz! Okay, so Xgl is an X Window […]

bed jumping


I drove a friend to the airport today. She’s off to NYC for a bit, and I should have sent a camera with her because this bed jumping site is cracking me up. It’s called the Hotel Bed Jumping HQ, and it’s over at The concept is simple: people send in photos of themselves jumping on a hotel bed. The results are entertaining to be sure. There are lots of photo meme sites, but […]

The biggest mistake you can make if you’re new to Linux


I’ll be the first to admit that Linux appeals to the technically inclined. It also appeals to people who believe in the freedom of ideas. People are cruising along on their Mac OS X laptop or their Windows box, and they hear something about Linux. Maybe you’re one of the people who have heard about Linux. Now, I’ll also be the first to admit that Linux is really fucking cool. But there is a mistake […]

Going past the news story to structured information


Adrian Holovaty, of, writes about a fundamental way newspaper sites need to change. His main thesis is that newspapers are used to dealing with news in the shape of news stories, but they need to learn new tricks to deal with structured information. Journalists go out and do their reporting and then craft a story around the information of the story. Holovaty thinks that newspapers need to find other ways to use the data […]

Eliot Spitzer: Spoiling for a fight


Great review over on nth position of Brooke A. Masters’ new book entitled Spoiling for a fight: The rise of Eliot Spitzer. Eliot Spitzer, as attorney general for New York, has made a name for himself fighting the power. The book itself looks like a fascinating look into the career of Spitzer thus far. It’s at Amazon here. [via 3QD] From the review: Spitzer, transforming what attorney generals do, attacked midwestern power plants for polluting […]

Banksy pranks Paris Hilton


British artist Banksy was up to hijinks once again, this time involving the release of Paris Hilton’s album Paris in the U.K. He replaced 500 copies of the disc with a CD of his own remixes, with titles like Why am I famous? and What have I done? The cover art was changed to a picture of Paris topless and with a dog’s head. Banksy, though, kept the barcode so the CDs would ring up […]