Month: August 2006

Taking Ubuntu to a Higher Power


Have you been feeling the blues lately? Been feeling like your life has no direction? Ask yourself this question: What OS would Jesus use? Why, Ubuntu Christian Edition! That’s right. If you think there isn’t enough spiritual firepower in your choice of desktop operating system, now you have an option. Well, you have an option if you happen to be Christian and have a favorable disposition towards Linux. Find out more about Ubuntu CE at […]

Archive Check: The Top 20 on Manufactured Environments


Like Aprille, I was taking a look at the archives on Manufactured Environments and thought I’d point out the Top 20 posts this year, by traffic. It’s an eclectic mix, which of course reflects our diverse nature. I’ve been hitting Linux pretty often lately, but who’s to know what the coming months will bring? So here goes, a listing and links to the Top 20 posts on ManuEnvi: HTML Entities Internet2 under attack from RIAA […]

Podcasting & RSS 2.0: FeedBurner no more


Well, we’ve completely broken away from using FeedBurner for our RSS feeds here. The last remaining feed, Manufactured Podcasts, I brought back in house recently. The thing is that I knew FeedBurner had offered some capabilities for enhancing the RSS feed for podcasting. My goal was to do that myself without needing to use a service. I’m using the template-driven Movable Type, which worked perfectly for my aims. First, I took a look at the […]

The state of the 2006 Linux desktop


Interesting article over at by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols entitled The state of the 2006 Linux desktop. He notes a sudden rise of people running Linux on their laptops over the summer. My unscientific survey revealed that about a third of those desktops were running the newest Ubuntu, another third were running either openSUSE or SLED (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop), and the final third were Freespire or Linspire. I also saw a scattering of Xandros […]

Linux is Beautiful, or Why Robert Scoble Needs to Take Another Look


Robert Scoble wrote an entry about what he sees as a reason Linux won’t be adopted by the masses as their desktop operating system: the fonts. I couldn’t disagree more with him. I’m looking at Gnome via SUSE Linux 10.1 on an LCD screen, and gosh, darn it, these fonts are crisp, with subpixel anti-aliasing. My, they’re beautiful. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, I needed Microsoft’s help to make it all […]

Skipping across the tag cloud


I started using tags on Manufactured Environments last November, and now there’s quite a list of different tags. The popular way to display a list of tags is the tag cloud. You can view the ManuEnvi tag cloud by clicking on any of the tag links at the end of a blog posting, and then scroll down. The tag cloud is pretty mammoth—reflecting my desire to highlight the uniqueness of each post, rather than commonalities. […]

Time to up that Ubuntu installation


linux today is reporting that Ubuntu has updated it’s 6.06 version called dapper drake to 6.06.1. You can get a new CD for free from ShipIt. If you’re like some people and using the tiny Xubuntu distribution, you can grab that here. One theorizes that it fixes some of the problems people have been encountering, well, one hopes anyway. I’m going to download the main Ubuntu 6.06.1 and see what it does on my desktop. […]

Newspapers using the internet? No way!


The Bivings Report has a new study out on the internet usage of the top 100 newspapers in the U.S. (by circulation). They looked at what each newspaper’s website offered in terms of RSS, video, registration, reporter blogs, and more. Some of the findings include: While RSS penetration is deep (76 out of 100), in all cases the RSS feed was excerpts only and none of the feeds contained advertising. Reporter blogs had even farther […]

Six Apart: Movable Type is now free (Again!)


Anil Dash posted some big news on the Six Apart corporate blog today: Movable Type is now free for personal bloggers. That’s awesome news of course and hopefully will spur more people to try out Movable Type. Six Apart has decided that corporate bloggers are where the money is at for blogging tools and released an enterprise version of Movable Type. If the success of WordPress is any indication, personal bloggers don’t eff'ing want to […]

Planet SUSE: Keeping up with the geeks


You all know my love for SUSE Linux. It’s my platform of choice. I’m glad too that Novell has switched the default install to Gnome from KDE. As I’ve said before, KDE is like running a Windows clone. Why run KDE when you can run Windows? Gnome on the other hand is superior. It’s a great interface and much more human-friendly than KDE. At some point, I’m going to have to do a list of […]