Month: July 2006

The Travels of Kari Rightfoot: An Alaskan Adventure


Every once in a while, I get an email from an old friend who goes by the name Kari Rightfoot. Kari’s been visiting her mom up in Alaska and has been dividing her time between Anchorage and the Midwest. She writes these road-poem emails that detail her experiences and what she’s seen. I received the latest missive from her yesterday, and this one was especially epic and well wrought. It even included some photos, which […]

Billy Bragg fights Fox Interactive on MySpace TOS and wins!


Fox Interactive is a unit of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. that was created last year to manage Fox’s U.S. websites. You’ll note that this is the Fox of Fox News Channel and other media outlets. One of Fox Interactive’s big catches was the purchase of Intermix Media for $580 million around the same time last July that the Fox Interactive unit was created. Intermix Media is, or rather was, the parent company of and […]

OpenDarwin shuts down: Mac OS X still proprietary


When Apple first released Mac OS X in 2000, they had the goal of seeding the operating system in open source style. The Darwin project released, and continues to release, the foundations for Mac OS X under an open source license. Anyone can download the Darwin source code and build a Unix-like operating system on top of it. There were rumors that when Apple switched to the Intel architecture that they were going to discontinue […]

An O’Reilly book on SUSE Linux? Indeed!


There are a variety of books out there for SUSE Linux, but it’s only just now that legendary tech publisher O'Reilly has chimed in with a title of its own. SUSE Linux: A Complete Guide to Novell’s Community Distribution by Chris Brown, PhD, was just released this month. Here is a blurb about the book: This book will take you deep into the essential operating system components by presenting them in easy-to-learn modules. From basic […]

Web Developer extension for Firefox


I do a lot of work on the web, and tools that make web work easier are great. Tools that are free and open source are even better. So this morning I thought I’d tell you about Chris Pederick’s fantabulous Web Developer extension for Firefox. When you install Web Developer, it creates a toolbar and a menu under the tools menu. Both contain the same options. The Web Developer toolbar is great. It breaks its […]

One non-stop ticket to Iowa City, please


Despite reports to the contrary, Iowa City is still my home. My job request did not go unheard, and within a matter of days, the offers were rolling in. So I just wanted to post this update so you didn’t have pictures of Dan as a Cheesehead dancing through your brain. Things worked out here in Iowa City, and I’m glad of that.

Good things come in threes: Tweaking always


Manufactured Environments is an active, living site. I’m often looking for better and newer ways to code things on the site. I made three tweaks to the site today that I wanted to give you the lowdown (down low?) on. tags: the functionality of the tags that you see at the end of most posts on ManuEnvi has changed. I decided to take advantage of some new Movable Type functionality in version 3.3. Previously, the […]

Geeks Gone Bad: Switching from Mac OS X to Linux


You’ll first note my lengthy and highly entertaining post from December 2005 entitled Celebrity Deathmatch: Windows XP vs SUSE Linux. In that article, I talked about my switch from Mac OS X and Windows XP over to SUSE Linux 10.0. Mark Pilgrim, who you might know as one of the maintainers of the Feed Validator for Atom and RSS among other things, made his own switch to Linux last month from Mac OS X and […]

A fight to the death! Grammar errors and non-errors


Paul Brians, a professor of English at Washington State University, wrote the book on Common Errors in English Usage. He also maintains a website that contains the contents of the book, featuring hundreds of common misuses of English. It’s a handy resource if you have a question about usage—especially when you’re looking for just the right word. Even more interesting is his list of Non-Errors. It’s basically a list of words and usage that uptight […]

Dooce has cancer?


Everyone’s favorite narrative blogger la femme, that is, Heather Armstrong of, has cancer. She broke the news on Thursday. Apparently it’s a skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma that’s very treatable. Our thoughts are with Heather and hope the best for her.