Month: June 2006

Movable Type 3.3 Beta 3


We installed the latest beta of Movable Type 3.3 last week, and it seems to be working good. I had reported a few bugs with beta 2, but they’ve all been fixed in beta 3. Jay Allen reported yesterday that the current build of MT 3.3 is the release candidate, and that things are looking good and stable so they’re foregoing another beta release. Movable Type 3.3 thereby is due soon. We’re looking forward to […]

You Are My Destination and Desire, Fading


I woke up last night around 2:30 thinking of a poem. Now, mind you, not just any poem, but a poem by one of my favorite poets, James Tate. I searched my book cases for the book I had in mind and found it, Distance from Loved Ones. So here goes: a poem Dan was thinking of in the middle of the night. You Are My Destination and Desire, Fadingby James Tate Dawn animal, why […]

You are so missing out


I know you’ve been meaning to come out to Iowa. But it’s a long, expensive* flight from the coasts. What can I say? We like to keep our secret treasures to ourselves. But if you came, we’d be happy. For now though I’ll just have to tell you about life here in Iowa. You see, it’s different here. The corn grows taller, and the pigs grow fatter. Yes, I live in a large college town—30,000 […]

Prairie Home Keillor


I’ve been waiting to comment on A Prairie Home Companion, the Robert Altman film, until I saw it, but there have been a few interesting articles of late on Garrison Keillor. Slate’s Sam Anderson writes in The Mysterious Appeal of Garrison Keillor that [t]hough Keillor is associated with the Midwest, his sensibility comes largely out of New York City. He began his career in the early ‘70s writing short humorous essays for The New Yorker […]

Beauty in the eye of the Photoshopper


This photo gallery of images from Brian Dilg Photography amazed me. Click on the thumbnails to view an image, and then comes the good part. If you move the mouse over the image, you see the original unretouched photo. The differences between the images processed in Photoshop and the originals is amazing. Some of the changes are obvious—reducing lines and the darkness under the eyes of the subjects. But other changes—such as moving basketball players […]

Excuse our Mess: Site News


You’ll note some things in flux recently here at Manufactured Environments. We’ve stopped using FeedBurner to manage the blog and fotos RSS feeds. So to the ones of you who switched with us to FeedBurner, we’d kindly ask you to switch back. The podcasts feed will remain with FeedBurner. Here are the links. blog: fotos: podcasts: In other news, we upgraded to the new beta 2 version of Movable Type 3.3. So […]

SearchStatus extension for Firefox


I used to use and used to like the Google Toolbar. It offered direct access to search, and my favorite feature was that it showed the PageRank of a given web page on a scale of 0 to 10. PageRank is Google’s quantification of the importance of a page. It looks at who links to the page, etc. and comes up with a number to represent it. The toolbar has added some nice features over […]

54 ideas for increasing your blog traffic


Seth Godin has a good little post over on his blog entitled How to get traffic for your blog. The fact that I’m linking to his post indicates to me that his method is working. Actually he’s got some useful ideas, some obvious ideas, some self-referential ideas, and of course some contradictory ideas. The basic message I think is write stuff that people want to read—even if that means writing about a very narrow topic. […]

Social netplaying


Like most people who’ve been online for a while, I’ve had various accounts on social networking sites. They seem to spring up from time to time—new ones, better ones, different ones. My first site was Friendster of course, but Friendster was never very much fun. Then came some others. And then came the two that I actually end up using. One is called Facebook. Facebook is a more closed community and requires that you have […]

Skorton leaves Iowa City


Article this morning in the Press-Citizen about David Skorton’s last day on the job as president of the University of Iowa. Skorton was president of the UI for three years but had been an administrator and faculty member here (he’s a cardiologist by trade) for 26 years before that. He’s off to be president of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Oddly enough, Hunter Rawlings who gave this year’s commencement speech at Cornell and had […]