Month: May 2006

The Prodigal Son returns home


I was trying to describe my state of mind over the past couple of days and that old Luna song Freakin’ & Peakin’ popped into my head. The Realtor came over tonight, and I signed the papers. My place goes on the market tomorrow. That’s the freakin’ part. It’s exciting. The peakin’ bit is the rest of my mood. I’ve been feeling very emotional the past couple of days. All kinds of intense emotions pouring […]

Seasons Change…Ten at a Time


This Memorial Day weekend has been hot. It’s been in the 90s here in Iowa City. It’s a special Memorial Day weekend in my heart though because it marks ten years that I’ve been here. I moved to Iowa City on Memorial Day weekend of 1996. Somehow I ended up staying here ten years. Hard to imagine. At this ten year mark though, I am also at an inflection point. I will be signing the […]

Akismet in action and MT 3.3 due soon


We’ve been inundated in recent months by a steady stream of spam comments getting by our spam filters here on Manufactured Environments. I turned on comment moderation to prevent spams from getting published, but still the spam scripts driven by evil, evil people continued to bubble up from the underworld. There are a couple of routes we could have gone with it. An easy one would have been to input some regular expressions into the […]

Do Not Resuscitate


An 80-year-old woman from Dyersville, which is just west of Dubuque here in eastern Iowa, had tattooed on her chest the words, “Do Not Resuscitate.” Good choice. This from the Des Moines Register, which broke the story. Of course getting a legal rendering on paper of Mary Wohlford’s health-care wishes might hold up better if it came to a court decision, but still it’s a pretty interesting thing to do. The story has gotten national […]

The Future of Books


Interesting, longer article in the New York Times yesterday on the future of the printed word and how vast digital repositories will change things forever. The article, entitled Scan This Book!, was written by Kevin Kelly of Wired magazine. Books are being scanned in at a rapid pace. This work is even being outsourced to India and China where the costs are low. Simply pack up a few hundred thousand books in a shipping container, […]

SUSE Linux 10.1 to be released tomorrow


openSUSE has the scoop: SUSE Linux 10.1 is due to be released tomorrow. There are two varieties that you can download for free or buy. There’s SUSE Linux 10.1 the commercial product from Novell costing $59.99. And then there is the OSS (open-source software), which is available for free. It’ll be available on this page tomorrow (Thursday). I’ve been using SUSE Linux for nearly six months now, and it is pretty great. I’m sure I’ll […]

Back in (mobile) Action


After the apparent demise of my laptop recently, I was left without mobile computing options. Thankfully I’ve got the laptop back now. They replaced the video card and all seems to be well. My HP zt3010us is computing well again. It actually took two tries to get it fixed. I dropped it off at the local Best Buy, and they shipped it to Chicago. The folks in Chicago re-seated the video card and thought all […]