Month: April 2006

The Morgan Library Reopens


Jeff Zelevansky/Reuters The has a great review of the expansion at the newly reopened Morgan Library and Museum in NYC. Nearly three years in the making, it sounds like they did a splendid job. So this is a shout out to all my librarian pals: this is something we all should aspire to, no? I have visions of the North Exhibition Hall decked out in the splendors of Special Collections.

Another one bites the dust


My HP Pavilion zt3010us laptop just bit the dust this week. Looks like something on the system board went out. They’re going to swap it out, and hopefully things will be back to normal soon. It’s a little disconcerting though. In my experience, electronics either fail fairly soon after purchase or not for a long, long time. This one was somewhere in between as I’d had the laptop for two and a half years, and […]

It’s all in a name


Metafilter had a post on Easily Mispronounced Domain Names such as Ooops! That’s This of course reminds me of everyone’s favorite place to buy customized pens: That’s Pen Island of course. What were you thinking? Of course, for that special someone you may want to check out Damn it! I mean,

Dance, Monkeys, Dance


The astute observer will note that the radio station has been playing a lot of songs about MONKEYS on the air recently. What gives? Why this predilection for monkeys? Perhaps there is something appealing about monkeys. Maybe it is because we are monkeys. Yeah, that’s right. You and me. We’re monkeys. At least that’s the thesis behind a little filmstrip on the web called Dance, Monkeys, Dance. There is a lot to love about this […]

The Past is Over


Helena Keeffe presented an interesting challenge with $50 prize money for the winner: Can you imagine a speech given by president Bush that would convince you that he has had a change of heart and could actually be the president of your dreams? It is all too easy to criticize our president and his administration. Life changing events (often of the extremely painful variety) force us to reevaluate our values and actions. What if something […]

Funnel Web Analyzer available for free


If you’re looking for a web analytics program that’ll analyze the log files from your website and make some pretty reports, today’s your lucky day! Quest Software’s Funnel Web Analyzer has been released as freeware. Formerly costing upwards of $1,000 for the enterprise version, the program is no longer being developed. Hence, Quest has released the software for free. I used to use Funnel Web Analyzer to run reports on the web stats for various […]

Mini Pixel Icons


If you’re looking for some small icons to spice up the user interface of your blog or website, check out N.Design Studio. They have a set of Mini Pixel Icons. These icons, which are all 14 x 14 pixels, come in a whole variety of styles and colors. There’s bound to be something of use, and best of all they’re free to use. There are over 320 icons in the set, which are available for […]

Noam Chomsky gets interviewed by Ali G


In a slightly bizarre way, Ali G interviews Noam Chomsky. Here’s the interview at YouTube. Noam, being the cool cat, plays along but doesn’t equivocate. The interview is brief and is focused on Professor Chomsky’s work as a linguist rather than on his political analyses. [via 3QD]

State by State Stats


planetdan linked to a site yesterday called It’s a site chock full of statistics that compare various indices nationally, state by state. Lots of great stats to peruse and amuse. For example: Iowa, where I reside, is: #48 in number of murders per capita #14 in most educated #42 in percent of people below the poverty level #20 in Iraq war casualties per capita, and #23 in per capita income How does your state […]

Audio of Noam Chomsky Lecture


Mike G of Iowa Liberal alerts us to the existence of an audio recording of Noam Chomsky’s lecture last week at the Englert Theatre here in Iowa City. We’ve added some metadata and made the MP3 iPod friendly. The entire lecture is available here: Noam Chomsky – Live at the Englert Theatre 2006-04-10 The file is 44 MB in size, and the recording is a full hour and 35 minutes. Feel free to mirror this […]