Month: March 2006

Boing Boing Earwax Misinformation


Mark Frauenfelder has run a series of posts recently on Boing Boing about alternative ways to clean your ears. This culminated in a post yesterday evening about cleaning out earwax with a bobby pin. To stop this disturbing trend of vigilante ear cleanliness was our very own Grant S. Hamilton III, MD, from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Dr. Hamilton had a detailed response to the bobby pin post. He has some useful […]

How to spot a baby conservative


A university professor from California named Jack Block did a study beginning in the 1960s of over 100 children in nursery school. He followed the kids into adulthood and found some interesting traits about their personalities. Teachers rated the 3 and 4 year olds at the time, looking at the children’s personalities. He followed up a few decades later with surveys for the then adults that including questions on personality and politics. To quote from […]

SXSW Music does the download mayhem again


Last year, I wrote about how SXSW Music had released a couple of torrents with over 750 MP3s of new music by bands appearing at the SXSW Music conference. SXSW 2006 wrapped up a few days ago, and in case you hadn’t gotten them already, they did the BitTorrent download bonanza again. Check out this page for the torrents. The first release has 713 free and legal MP3s, and the second release contains 229 more. […]

SmartyPants gets a makeover


Movable Type users who care about typography have a new friend in their corner. For years, John Gruber’s SmartyPants plugin has been the solution of choice for crafting typographically correct quotes (that is, “smart” quotes), apostrophes, m-dashes, and more. One point of contention though is that SmartyPants, being something of a generic plugin, didn’t support Movable Type’s dynamic publishing through PHP. Six Apart had a post yesterday about a variety of new MT plugins. Lots […]

Zeldman enters a new era


We here at Manufactured Environments are evangelists of web standards. We believe in the rightness of W3C standards. We think the web would be a better place if browsers (I’m talking to you, IE) better supported the standards put forth. A while back we put in the effort and made this entire site validate as XHTML 1.0 Strict. That is to say, web standards are important to this website. So we got the web standards […]

Lazy Sunday, part deux


After the hilarity of the Chronic-what?!-cles of Narnia, which was a video short from Saturday Night Live lampooning hard core rap and the movie the Chronicles of Narnia, SNL goes at it again. This time Natalie Portman, movie star, is the center of attention. Here’s a link to the video over at YouTube. As anyone who has seen Closer can attest, Ms. Portman seems to be going for a harder image than her initial forays […]

David Lynch explores the Frontiers of Consciousness (in Iowa)


Well, David Lynch has decided to come to Iowa again. You’ll recall his 1999 movie entitled The Straight Story about the man who drove his riding lawn mower from Iowa to visit his sick brother in Wisconsin. He went from that to doing Mulholland Dr., which was more like his usual self. This time though Mr. Lynch is coming to Explore the Frontiers of Consciousness. It’s the upcoming weekend March 24-26, 2006 an hour south […]