Month: December 2005

Resurgence of the New Year


Dale Keiger who likes to scribble, scribble, scribble in the digital dirt has taken the slack time around the New Year to do some blog navel gazing. Time for reassessment and renewal. Time to pull up the stakes and move the tent to a new location. He’s decided, thereby, to dedicate his blog to the essay. Charting his own course through the deep waters of the blogosphere, he is, and we wish him well.

Celebrity Deathmatch: Windows XP vs SUSE Linux


Long before there was Windows XP. Long before there was Windows 95. There was an operating system that rose up out of the Finnish primordial ooze. A young man named Linus Torvalds had the pluck to want to write his own Unix-like operating system. A toy system it was perhaps at first, but soon it became enterprise-class. Whole genres of software were created on this platform, and this system, called Linux, gave a voice to […]

Dense Fog


There is a dense fog lying over the land this morning. We’re here in the midst of another Christmas season. It is warmer today, but it shall be a White Christmas. We’ve had technical matters on our mind (and perhaps will get posted here today), but otherwise we’re soaking up the festivities. We hope you are with family and enjoying a bit of Christmas cheer. Although, according to this fatwa, our Muslim friends should not […]

Dan, I’ve been dying to know!


Often I’ll be walking down the street, and someone will come up to me and say, “Dan, I’ve been dying to use Ruby on Rails and AJAX! Thing is, I don’t know what the heck they are, but I’ve seen them advertised and damn blast it, they look cool!” This is very common. My usual response is “Hey! Don’t sweat it. It’s not as difficult, nor as expensive as it sounds. In fact, the barrier […]

Etchings in Foam


We’ve posted before about latte art, but we saw a great link that we wanted to highlight. It’s the Nederlands Kampioenschap Latte Art 2005. There are some really great designs in there. We prefer the abstract ones, but even the representative ones are cool.

Hubble Space Telescope Hall of Fame


Here’s a great collection of beautiful deep-space photos taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. Click on each thumbnail image and get a description and downloads for your desktop. These are the “best of” photos taken by the Hubble Telescope. Fascinating stuff. The images are at the European Homepage for the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. Lots of great stuff up there. To my mind, it’s always interesting to read about scientific developments, from the very small […]

Coffee 2006: A Calendar for Coffee Lovers


Our pal in Milwaukee, Mike Rohde, has designed a wonderful 2006 wall calendar that is really, really neat. He and his wife worked up a coffee theme, took photos in their kitchen, and put together a very nice looking calendar. Even better yet, he has it for sale on his CafePress store. You can look at the calendar there, peruse the different months, and order one for yourself or as a gift. Very cool. It’s […]

BOINC at Berkeley: The future of distributed computing


Perhaps you’ve heard of SETI@home, or perhaps not. SETI@home is a project where you load a screensaver on your machine, and it downloads data from the SETI project at UC-Berkeley. Then spare cycles on your computer can be used to crunch the data. It’s what is called a distributed computing project whereby hundreds of thousands of volunteers use their computers to compute scientific data. It’s a great thing, and today I wanted to point out […]

UbuWeb: An avant-garde repository


We here at Manufactured Environments have occasionally linked to content over at UbuWeb, but for those of you that haven’t clicked-through, we just wanted to point out that UbuWeb is great. It’s a repository of a whole variety of avant-garde audio, video, and more. There’s a lot of cool stuff available for download. It’s an ideal in what can be done in a low overhead manner. It’s completely volunteer driven, and their only costs are […]