Month: October 2005

Real Good Friend – A New Mix


Real Good Friend – 31 October 2005 Download this mix as a single 61MB MP3 file. [removed] TRACKS Peace Train 3:28 10,000 Maniacs We Could Send Letters 5:49 Aztec Camera You Never Give Me Your Money 4:02 The Beatles Fair 5:55 Ben Folds Five Joga 5:04 Björk Never Stop 4:13 The Brand New Heavies Foxxy 6:07 Cassius God Put A Smile Upon Your Face 4:57 Coldplay American Dreaming 4:30 Dead Can Dance Ode To My […]

The Loaf and the Archers


Apparently we wrote about listening to the Archers of Loaf when we were in Austin, Texas this summer, and our pal Laurie from Boston reminded us of that fact recently because she too is a fan. So we just want to take a moment and say this… We’ve been waiting a long time to say this. (The lights dim.) Okay…we’re ready…here goes: The Archers of Loaf fucking rock! The Archers of Loaf are the quintessential […]

Lime Works (Factory Series)


Given our predilection for all things industrial, we wanted to share with you some interesting, visually dense photos of a Lime Works taken by Naoya Hatekeyama between 1991 and 1994. On our to-do list: to write a blog entry about our favorite building here. Perhaps once we can explain that fully, the industrial connection will be clearer. We do love the world of industry—at least visually.

A classical approach to Lollapalooza


In our continuing series of modern classical highlights, we want to tell you about a composer who rolls with the other modern minimalists we’ve talked about but is very distinctive. We love John Adams’ music. I suppose if you take us to task, that we’ll readily admit a penchant for minimalism. Our ear has distinctly warm vibrations with Philip Glass, Steve Reich, and John Adams, for example. The pieces on Century Rolls are engaging, interesting […]

Web Personality Types


Molly Holzschlag has a wonderfully humorous breakdown of the different personality types exhibited by people who design and develop on the web. I fit squarely into the SAVD category. SAVD. Standards Aware Visual Designer. These people are designing with standards in mind—creating beautiful sites for the screen, working toward achieving accessible sites, examining usability and human factors, and very possibly beginning or already designing for alternative devices and media types. A very rare breed, and […]

Sifry’s Blogosphere Stats


As he does quarterly, David Sifry posted his State of the Blogosphere statistics and analysis today. The entire post is over on Sifry’s Alerts. Sifry is CEO of Technorati, one of the key blog-tracking entities. Some interesting stats to mull over about blogging: The blogosphere doubles in size every five months, and has doubled every five months for the past three years. The blogosphere (that is, the world of blogs) is 30 times larger now […]

Thanks for the Passengers


Thank you to my secret admirer, whoever you may be, for sending me Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1—I just received it in the mail today. As you may know, Passengers was a side project that U2 did in the mid-90’s with Brian Eno. I have never heard the entire album from start to finish until now. It’s been on my Amazon Wish List since the beginning of time (which happens to be 2001). You may also […]

St. Louis Gateway Arch with full moon


Having found myself at the St. Louis Airport Hilton again, I decided I needed a photo of the St. Louis Gateway Arch. The photo above was taken around 9pm with a full moon in the background. The arch was lit up with pinkish lights to signify solidarity with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We rode the Metrolink to get out to the arch, which is St. Louis’ version of a subway, although it only has one […]

Burtynsky at the Brooklyn Museum


You’ve probably been waiting for word on the new Franz Ferdinand album, entitled You Could Have It So Much Better. After spending a week in the Manufactured Environments Audio Laboratory, we’re happy to report: We like it! So if you like yourself the Franz Ferdinand, we can highly recommend this sophomore effort. Check it out now! And now to the matter at hand. Our pal in The City, Sam, tells of a new exhibit at […]

Luther College Redesigns Web Presence


Check out my alma mater’s recent redesign of their website. Congrats to everyone who worked on the Luther College redesign. Nice job, folks! The site just launched on Friday, and already I’m hearing lots of rave reviews. The new design especially tickles the web designer in me. You’ll note that they’re using XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS, and plenty of semantic markup to render a page that delights the eye. I’m really impressed. Special congratulations go […]