Month: September 2005

What’s in a number?


Interesting page for you number buffs out there called “What’s Special About This Number?” It goes through and lists whole numbers starting with 0 and what, mathematically, the significance of that number is. If you’re like me, then you haven’t taken any math classes since college and while it was all very interesting to learn, the day-to-day applications of multi-variable calculus seem to be limited. Or maybe I just haven’t let Stokes’ Theorem really sink […]

Thoughts of Kronos Quartet


After six years in the cellist position of Kronos Quartet, Jennifer Culp has left and been replaced by Jeffrey Zeigler who performed with the group this past summer as the guest cellist. Kronos Quartet has been one of my favorite string quartets for a long, long time. You’ll note that they are fairly prolific. I have some memories of listening to them in high school, but I think the earliest recording of theirs I have […]

Re-runs: This summer in Iowa


It’s re-runs over at, our favvvorite video log. So taking Clark’s lead, we thought we’d point out that in June, Iowans created the world’s largest pizza. Or perhaps one of the world’s largest pizzas. Or perhaps just a really frigging huge pizza. The Des Moines Register has the full story here. Twenty-six teams on Saturday turned 4,000 pounds of cheese, 700 pounds of sauce and 9,500 sections of crust into a gargantuan pie in […]

Excuse our mess


Please excuse any little messes lying around as we give Manufactured Environments the benefits of some redesigning, re-tweakifying, renewal. We hope you like the new look. Most of the changes were typographical and that makes us happy for some reason. We’d like to point out especially the heavily reworked photography area. Enjoy! Homecoming is coming up here in my college town next weekend. I’m not one for parades, but we always seem to make it […]

U2 Live in Chicago


Last night we saw U2 at the United Center in Chicago. It’s part of the third leg of their Vertigo World Tour. I must say they were awesome. It was my first time seeing U2 live, even though I’ve been a long-time fan. The LED lighting was amazingly high-tech and incredible. I was really impressed with that aspect of the show. They had these sheets of LED lights that would unfold and fold up again […]

OpenOffice: Great alternative to Microsoft Office


One of the primary building blocks of Microsoft’s monopoly is Microsoft Office. If you’re like me and want to explore alternatives to the dominant paradigm, look no further than OpenOffice originally was an office suite of applications that Sun wrote to be a Unix alternative to MSFT Office, since Microsoft’s product didn’t run on the Unix platform. Well, Sun took it open source, and now OpenOffice is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, […]

Technorati: Manufactured Environments in Top 1%!


We were notified of this a while back, but we just thought you’d like to know. Of the 17.4 million blogs that Technorati tracks, Manufactured Environments is in the Top 1%! We’re pleased as punch that ManuEnvi continues its upward climb through the blogosphere. We promise to you, our faithful readers, that we’ll keep the action coming. We’ve been making some necessary changes in the back-end to upgrade our systems. We’re now running Movable Type […]

Six Apart, Movable Type, and Wal-mart


I was just telling a WordPress user how much I like the new version of Six Apart’s Movable Type 3.2. I’ve been a loyal Movable Type user since February 2003. And I’ve been glad that Six Apart is really expanding and also with the openness they’ve been showing lately in their corporate communications. But then they go and have to draw my attention to this. I’m sure Six Apart is jubilant to land an account […]

Macromedia: Did you fix Dreamweaver’s FTP?


Historically, I’ve been big fan of the web development program called Dreamweaver. It’s produced by Macromedia, and they seem to come out with a new version every year or two. I’ve used every version of Dreamweaver since version 3.0. Dreamweaver 8 has just been released, and I thought I’d take a moment to share with you a gripe I’ve had with it since day one. It’s the FTP implementation built into Dreamweaver. Consistently, release after […]